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Friday, May 16, 2014

The beer is actually good for your health, as long as you don't drink to much . The beer increases the mobility of the bone's , helps with skin problems and can help in the fight against the stones in the kidneys.

Protects the heart

The beer , and especially the dark beer is an excellent choice because it contains fiber and reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood . It also increases the level of the good cholesterol which protects the health of the heart . The dark beer has 3.5 grams of the soluble fiber , but you will need to consume about five grams to reduce the level of the bad cholesterol for 5 % . The beer also protects the heart and supplies the body with antioxidants .

Beer for slenderness

Drinking to much beer is commonly the main cause for the large or the so called beer gut . But with only one beer a day you can lower the inflammatory process which can prevent weight gain .

Beer against the stones in the kidneys


The active ingredients of the beer slow down the liberation of calcium from the bones , which reduces the risk of kidney stones . It is enough to drink just one glass a day. You should not be exaggerate .

Against skin problems

Besides that positively affects the heart and reduces the risk of excessive body weight , the beer has a positive effect also on the skin . It is enough in a warm bath to add two glasses of beer and enjoy about 20 minutes . Ingredients of the beer as well as the vitamin B helps with problems with the skin , especially psoriasis .

A glass of beer for healthy bones

The beer contains silicon , a chemical that stimulates the production of collagen. The collagen , despite the fact that increases the elasticity of the skin , also increases the density of the bone and the mobility of the joints. A glass of beer protects against osteoporosis and pain in the bones.


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