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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You must be tired of your overweight and your friends around you also make fun of you some time. Do not think that it’s your fault to be fat or chubby, but now if you won’t lose your weight then it is your fault.

Your daily plan that you will skip your meals, will eat less, will do exercise from today or tomorrow, and will consult a nutritionist but you don’t do it even after daily thinking about it. The thing is that you have to work on it and have to follow the guides to lose weight quickly.

Do cardio every day

Cardio is that kind of exercise that increase the heart rate of your body, if the heart rate of body gets higher you will automatically lose up your weight. Cardio helps you to burn your calories and if you do it daily, it will help you to participate in several muscles at the same time.
There are three cardio which are best to lose weight in quickest mean.
·         Spinning
·         Cardio boxing
·         Boot-camp workouts
If you will do it daily and every 30 minutes it will for sure burn your 200 to 300 calories.

Sleep little bit more than usual

You should sleep 30 minutes more than before, whether you sleep 8 or 5 hours daily. If you will sleep 30 minutes more, then you will be fresh enough to have a better breakfast. If you will be fresh you won’t be lazy whole day and won’t skip your workout. Otherwise the best sleep is 7 to 8 hours per day, it will also boosts your metabolism and when you sleep is help you to grow your muscles which also helps you out to reduce weight.

Sacrifice one food
If you will cut one food with your meals like snacks or chips with your lunch, eating cake or pastries at tea time, desserts after the meals or chocolates after the dinner. It will also help you a lot to reduce weight more quickly.

Use diet pills

There are so many famous drugs that help you to reduce weight, like Phentermine is one of the famous drug. Most of their functions are same they don’t let you get hungry and kills your appetite. It also provide you energy to do workout. When you won’t be hungry anymore, then you won’t eat more. If you won’t eat more you will automatically lose your fat and yourmetabolism will burn your calories.
And when you do exercise it won’t let you get exhausted so easily, and will give you extra energy so you can to it more and more continuously.

Give confidence to yourself

Do not think of yourself that you are fat and you do not look good. If you will think as it is, you will lose confidence in yourself and won’t be able to work on yourself anymore. Even when you take picture try to stand still, and straight plus try to stand one backward than others. These things can really help you to reduce weight quickly.

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