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Friday, September 26, 2014

To do a detox diet you must first understand what detoxing is. Detoxing is the process of removing toxins from the body to protect the bodies tissues from being damaged.The body does this naturally by transforming toxins into less harmful compounds that can be excreted from the body. The body does a pretty good job of this on its own but it is possible to aid the process making it far more successful. 

The answer, a detox diet.  This is a short term diet that involves reducing the amount of chemicals you intake by eating organic produce, increasing the number of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants the body needs for successful detoxing, eating foods that are a high in fiber and drinking plenty of water to flush the system through bowel movements and urination. 
Now that you have the basics you can think about the foods you will need to eat for your detox diet. Below are 5 of my favorites. 
Cabbage is a fantastic natural vegetable brilliant for any detox diet.  Made up of 92% water it holds barely any calories and those it does can be burnt off whilst eating it.  Containing fiber, vitamins, folic acid and minerals C, K, E and A the cabbage acts as a natural diuretic to help remove excess liquids from the body. Also proven to help keep the colon healthy so an all-round winner for detoxing. 
Garlic is one of my favorites ever despite its long lasting smell on the skin and breath. It is also brilliant for including in your diet.  Loaded with a mineral knows as sulfur that helps rid the body of poisons.  As well as this garlic has been proven to lower levels of bad cholesterol which will in turn reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Best eaten raw as cooking it can destroy the goodness within.  Also available as capsules if eating it raw is not an option. 

The tomato is great for your detox any time of the year but extra special during the summer when it’s hot and sticky. Like the cabbage tomatoes contain lots of water for flushing the system of toxins. Water also helps to control hunger through dehydration (where you think you’re hungry but you’re actually thirsty). They also contain potassium which stops bloating, a feeling none of us enjoy. 
The vegetable we associate with Popeye for making you big and strong. That may be but the spinach is also very good for cleaning out your bodies system. If eaten raw you can gain 166 milligrams of glutathione from a single serving. What it does you might ask? It increases the bodies immune system, helps it fight off toxins and detoxifies the liver. Also known for its high levels of iron, almost twice as much as other leafy greens.  If using spinach for your detox do not cook it as all of its goodness will be removed. 
Jalapeno Peppers:
Jalapenos are spicy and a great accompaniment to many dishes.  Studies suggest that eating spicy foods naturally makes you eat less. They also make you drink more as you try to cool the sensation in your mouth, so make sure its water to wash away those poisons.  Containing capsaicin, an ingredient linked to weight loss, these spicy little fellas will have you detoxed in not time at all. 
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Emma is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about health and fitness. She often writes about bodybuilding and supplements such as Oxylean. 


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