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Monday, September 29, 2014

Quitting smoking is really not easy as old habits die hard. When you think that smoking can be a physical habit and addiction, then it can seem impossible to quit. However, you can make sure that you will stay an ex-smoker for the rest of your life with the right supports and a variety of replacements.      

                  1.       Do Exercises

Exercise is recognized to be one of the best ways to defeat difficult cigarette or nicotine cravings. We are not saying that you have to go to gym for doing exercise, going for a morning walk or a jog can also help you greatly. If you love swimming, then you must take pool membership to provide you something to focus on when you give up.
                  2.       Nicotine Replacements Theory (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can be very effective at minimizing cravings. You must consider different alternatives such as nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers or nicotine gum. In addition, it is also a great idea to do some meditations like Chantix because such meditation can help to reduce cravings. Remember, before starting any nicotine replacement program, you must consult with your doctor. Another best option that you can use is electronic cigarette as they are a great tool to help smokers quit smoking or if they don't quit using nicotine, then electronic cigarette will still be much better off. Check out about Electronic Cigarette and learn more at     
       3.       Vitamin C

Make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin C. There are lots of ways to fulfill the requirements of vitamin C like drink orange juice, take vitamin C supplements, or eat foods and fruits that contain plenty of Vitamin C. Remember, when adults want to stop, and then they need more than 500 mg of vitamin C every day.
              4.       Relaxing

If you are straining out exceedingly due to the quitting process, then it maybe the right time to cut back. When you are stopping, you need to schedule in time to calm down and enjoy yourself. Engage in a leisure pursuit or follow learning more about something you like and love.   
              5.       Drink Plenty of Liquids

Don't drink only coffee or alcohol as both of these drinks are poor at rehydration as well as can dehydrate you further. But, you need to drink water, low-sugar juice, fruit juice or herbal tea that can help to blush toxic chemicals out of your system quickly.

If you know any other replacement tip or tips, please let us know!!!!!!!!!!


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