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Monday, October 27, 2014

I have wondered so many times what part of the body is under the biggest amount of stress. For a long time I thought it was the feet. They are always in socks or in shoes. Even when they are bare, they still have to carry the whole body. Perhaps the only part of the day when they have a rest is the sleep. Then I realized that maybe the behind is under a bigger pressure. 

However, it presses the feet as well. However, then it simply occurred to me that the part of the body that undergoes the largest amount of stress is the skin. It covers the whole body and takes a bullet for each and every area. So, if you want to look gorgeous and beautiful even when you stand on the threshold of the 5th decade of your life, you should take great care of your skin (and probably your spine) and treat it with all sorts of beneficial products. Here are some easy steps for mild but worthwhile ways of keeping your skin young and soft.

Protect it when it's scorching hot

The notion of sunbathing must have been devised by a diabolic hand. People enjoy immensely lying in the sun and get their skin dark and bronze tanned, but this activity can be extremely unhealthy and even fatal. Sun rays do have a lot of healthy effects on our skin and health, but not UV-rays. In order to get a nice tan and still spare yourself visiting a dermatologist or an oncologist after a sunbathing season, you have to stay away from the sun between 11 am and 5 pm.

Get to know you skin

As it is the case with every parts of our body, you have to get to know your skin and its characteristics. What suits one person harms the other. As you are getting older, you have to make an effort to observe your skin and how it behaves in different contexts. If something is obviously harmful, stop doing that. If you know that you have problems with acne, you have to visit a dermatologist. 

Do not waste time and money on potions and herbs by medicine men. That can only help as an addition, but the diagnosis must be given by a trained professional. The problem for those living in the country might be the lack of such professionals. No matter if you live in rural Yorkshire or the arid part of New South Wales, do not hesitate and go to see a doctor in one of the clinics in Leeds or ask for help companies that treat acne in Sydney, respectively. The point is that you cannot leave your skin problems aside and allow them to make your life miserable. Problems with skin and acne often lead to low self-confidence and may affect other parts of your life, too.

Watch out what you eat

Many skin disorders come from unhealthy or imbalanced diet. The skin likes proteins and a plenitude of vitamins, such as the vitamins K, D and E. Great sources of these vitamins are vegetables (K – cauliflower, spinach, chard; D – mushrooms, fish, eggs; E – all sorts of nuts and sweet potatoes). Also, you have to take in a lot of water to let the bodily fluids move as much as possible, accelerating the metabolic processes.


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