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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Time flies, as we all inevitably notice, and it means that things change. We mature, gain wisdom and learn many things in life; but we also get older. While we are still teenagers, getting older meant getting stronger but when we leave those wonderful ‘years of power’ behind us, we realize that we need all the help we can get to maintain what once was so easy to achieve.

#1 – Whey protein

If you want to gainmuscle, this is what you are looking for. It is the absolute best for the purpose. There are over 50.000 proteins in our system and they are responsible for proper functioning of our bodies. Whey protein is very convenient to take, and it is beneficial for more reasons: it can speed recovery after work-outs, it builds muscle tissue, and makes you less hungry. Body absorbs this type of protein faster than it does other. After muscles have been broken down post-workout, whey protein will make recovery faster.

#2 – Omega 3 fish oil

The well-known omega-3 fatty acids keep our brains and hearts healthy. In addition, they are good if you have aching joints or some sports injuries since they act anti-inflammatorily. No matter if you eat fish two or three times a week, intake of a couple of grams of fish oil daily will only do you good. Health benefits of fish oil are undisputed, but you might not have known that this supplement can also help you exercise harder, thus leading to greater weight loss as well.

#3 – Creatine

We know that creatine is widely used by bodybuilders in order to get stronger and grow bigger muscles. But it can safely be taken by other people as well. There are studies which have shown that people who have been working out regularly and taking in creatine powder gained about
three extra pounds of muscle. Creatine fuels our muscles naturally, and a supplement makes more of this fuel available so you can do more repetitions

#4 – Caffeine

If you take caffeine before exercise, it helps you improve performance and gives you strength to work more and longer by decreasing symptoms of fatigueIt is your own mental focusing agent, working best for those who work-out in the morning. Be careful, though, since caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Use pills because that way you can control the amountyou take in.

#5 – Branch chain amino acids

With regular intake of BCAA, your recovery rate after workout increases and muscle density improves. They build new proteins after a hard training, help muscle tissue recover faster and prevent muscle breakdown.

Every supplement we mentioned here can be found, bought and ingested easily. What you cannot find, let alone buy, is motivation. If you are determined to achieve a certain goal you want, or to maintain a good level you’ve reached, everything else can be taken care of. A well-prepared training program, a good coach and a lot of determination is the foundation on which you can build amazing results. Online supplement store like this one are only here to help you get to your goal more easily. The rest is up to you.


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