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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There are many exercises and workout patterns that have been introduced over the years. Each of these methods and patterns are known to target a different goal set. Some might aim at helping in weight loss, while some others may help in building muscles and a few may simply contribute towards a healthy life.

There are a few workouts that contribute highly towards more than one fitness goals. Therefore, including them in your fitness regime can prove to be a lot more beneficial. Recognizing the benefits of these will help you realize what is best for you. The dead lifts unlike the other exercises is beneficial in a number of ways. While it is ranked second to the squats on the basis of their contribution towards muscle building, dead lifts help in strengthening the and building the upper and lower bodies like no other exercise can do. Let us take a look at a few benefits that dead lifts hold and those that still remain unknown for many.     
         1.      It is the Safest Exercise:

Dead Lifts are known to be the safest form of exercises that one may prefer to perform. It includes only a rod with some weights at both ends. There is no danger of getting pinned down or pulled backwards. All you need to do is lift the rod and hold until you can. If you think that it is being painful and you can no longer hold on to it, you can simply drop it with a loud bang. It will fall back on the floor, causing no harm to you.
        2.      More Muscles being Worked out:

There is no exercise that actually concentrates on the major muscle groups in the body. The squats too, fall back from this category. It is only the dead lifts; if performed well; that will help in working out all the muscle groups in the upper as well as the lower parts of the body.
        3.      Increase in Growth Hormones:

Are you looking out for a workout that will boost your testosterone levels and the growth hormone levels without supplements? Dead lifts can help you do that. An increase in the testosterone can contribute to muscle growth and eases muscle repair. While the increase in growth hormone will help with muscle growth, tissue healing, bone strengthening and fat loss.
        4.      Increases the amount of cardio you perform:

Dead lifts have been proved to be the best way to improve your cardiovascular ability. Just about 10 repetitions of dead lifts can help you get the feel of performing a whole set of cardiovascular exercises. Thus, it is great to have just one exercise that will contribute towards the cardio and the muscle building exercises which you need not perform separately.

        5.      They help Prevent Injury:

Injury is a common thing that may occur while you are working out. Everyone takes a number of precautionary measures to make sure that they avoid injuring any major muscle or a ligament. Dead lifts help strengthen muscles around critical ligaments or tendons. It is important to support joints that are surrounded by longer muscles. This exercise proves to be helpful in such cases.
        6.      More like a real Life Lift:

All the other kinds of lifts; consider the bench press lift; are uncommon and cannot be performed in real life. You cannot lift anything while you lay on your back and hold it up in the air. Instead, the dead lift is like any other lift that you often do; like picking a bucket full of water or gunny bag filled with grains. Thus, you are not making any artificial movements while performing this exercise.
        7.      Increase in the amount of Fat being Burnt:

A number of studies have been performed to state that dead lifts can equally contribute towards the burning of fat. In a study where people were divided into three groups, one group was told to follow a strict diet, the second was told to follow the diet with a little aerobics, while the third was asked to follow the diet, with aerobics and a few weights. The people in the third group were found losing about 44% to 35% more weight than those in the first 2 groups. Thus, it is proved that dead lifts too, help in fat burning.

With all the above mentioned benefits of Dead lifts, one cannot deny the fact that this is one of the most cheapest or the easiest form of exercises that one usually performs in the gym. The equipment required for this is cheap enough to be bought for personal use and can be used at home. Therefore, we have seen the wonders that can take place by performing this simple workout. But, the thumb rule remains the same; Focus on perfection and a standard method to make sure you gain maximum benefits.


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