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Friday, November 14, 2014

Coronary thrombosis is a condition whereby clots form inside blood vessels of the heart due to various conditions such as accumulation of fat cells in blood vessels or pollution. The clot prevents normal blood flow in the heart or if severe, it can cause complete blockage, causing cells to die. Coronary Thrombosis symptoms include chest pains which can sometimes become severe, feeling tired, difficulty in breathing and dizziness. The following home remedies can help deal with the condition.

1.)  Eating Right:

Eating unusually large meals, eating too much processed foods and sugars contributes to cholesterol in the body which can cause buildup of fat in the coronary artery and cause thrombosis. To avoid this, eat right always. The following clean foods should be considered: - Fruits and vegetables. They are good for your heart because they are low in fat and calories. - Eat more lean meat and less red meat.

2.)  Exercise:

Having a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your heart. Being still for long periods of time impedes blood circulation. The following can help you burn fat without having to go to the gym. - Brief strolls or runs to help burn fat. - If you are not a fan of running, avoid sitting down too much. Doing house chores can help burn fat and strengthen the heart muscles.

3.)  Stop Smoking:

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which strains the heart and increases chances of getting blood clots. - Carbon Monoxide reduces oxygen levels in the blood making the heart pump faster in order to get oxygen to other parts of the body. - Other chemicals contained in a cigarette damages the coronary artery by lacing its walls. Accumulation leads to blockage.

4.)  Avoid Stress:

Avoid stress and emotional outbursts. - Stress leads the heart to pump faster hence causing inflammation of the artery which can lead to blockage. - Stress tampers with metabolism leading to increased fat cells in the blood.

5.)  Avoid Obesity:

Being obese increases chances of getting heart disease. - Too much body fat means some of the fat is being stored around the heart and in the artery which leads to narrowing of heart arteries. -The higher your weight is, the more your heart has to work.

6.)  Prepare your Meals Properly:

Prepare meals in a way that maintains their nutritional levels. - Adopt healthy food preparation methods. Avoid using Tran’s fats while cooking. -Methods such as baking, steaming and roasting foods are better than deep frying. - Do not overcook vegetables because it strips them of their nutrients.

7.)  Sleep Enough:

Get a maximum of eight hours of sleep a day. When you wake up, you should be feeling refreshed and not tired. - Sleep reduces the chances of getting depression, high blood pressure and heart attacks. - Sleep allows your heart to rest which gives it time to function normally and not get inflamed.

8.)  Maintain Dental Hygiene:

Health experts agree that there is a plausible reason for dental hygiene and heart health being linked. -This may be caused by bacteria found in the teeth called gingivitis which can enter the bloodstream through them gum. - The body reacts to bacteria by inflaming which causes arteries to swell which can lead to clots.

9.)  Limit Alcohol Consumption:

Moderation is key when it comes to coronary thrombosis and drinking. - Heavy drinking increases the chances of getting heart failure and stroke. - Cholesterol levels in alcohol contribute to artery blockage.

10.) Aspirin:

Aspirin is a cost effect way of reducing coronary thrombosis because it is an anti-platelet drug. - It lowers the risk of thrombosis by inhibiting formation of clots. Before taking aspirin, however, you should first consult your doctor.

Coronary thrombosis, if not well taken care of can cause serious health issues like heart attacks or death and regular medical checkup is recommended. For this reason, Coronary thrombosis patients should have a good medical cover. Applying for an ehic card ensures that the burden of paying for medical bills and getting health care services especially in government hospitals is made easier.

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