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Monday, November 3, 2014

You are probably familiar with the feeling of exhausting fatigue. When it seems like someone or something has stolen your strengths. You wake up being tired as if you was awake all night. No matter for how long you sleep, a sensation of weariness does not leave you alone. It is called chronic fatigue syndrome. And it is what you should get rid of as soon as possible.

Below are 10 main reasons why you are so tired. Consider them all. Turn it every way in mind and find out, which of them take your energy away.


1. You drink too little water

When your organism receives less water than it requires for normal functioning, your blood becomes heavier. As a result, your hurt has to apply more powers to run it and works less intensive. It all lowers the concentration of oxygen in the organism. And that’s why you feel so tire. Drink more water!

2. You eat too little food containing iron 

Iron deficiency makes you weaker and unable to concentrate. It becomes harder to resist illnesses.To enrich your body with iron,include tofu, beans, green vegetables, nuts and peanut butter, beets, pomegranates and liver in your usual diet.

3. You are a keen perfectionist

All people are imperfect – accept this.You cannot jump above your head, and if you spend more time at work than required, it does not necessarily result in its quality. If you are inclined to overwork and strain concerning the slightest trifles, set a strict timetable, where work and leisure are harmoniously united.

4. You are exaggerating the importance of some specific events

Stop obsessing over your negative experience. If you always expect the worst, your body goes through shocking stress. Try to relax. Your worries take a lot of strengths that you could have sent in a good direction.

5. You don’t have your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important part of your daily meals. It energizes you for all day. If you miss your breakfast, your metabolism slows down, which essentially affects your general physical and mental state. Eat complex carbs for breakfast, cereals especially, and you will be healthier and more fun as well.

6. You didn't get used to saying “No!”

Sometimes it is very important to say “No!” When you give people an inch, most of them will surely take a mile. You cannot find favor in everybody’s eyes whatever you do. Consider your own motives and necessities first of all. You can say “No!” politely. It will not offend anyone and save your strengths.

7. You work place is messy 

Mess and disorder will not let you concentrate. Make putting things right a rule. Do it at the end of the day and the next morning will bring you good time at work.

8. You keep working even while on vocation

To know how to take rest is of the same importance as knowing how to work. Leisure is an essential part of work. When you are on a weekend or vocation, don’t read text messages, don’t worry about how it is going without you. Trust your colleges, they will handle on their own. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover.

9. You are a lover of having a glass of wine before going to sleep

If you drink alcohol, do it 3-4 hours before going to bed. In small numbers, it may be even useful and calm you down. However, if you take more, it will result in leaps of adrenalin, which will disturb your sleep. You need to have a good sleep to get your strengths recovered.

10. You drink a lot of coffee 

Don’t drink more than three cups of coffee a day. Coffee unwaters your body and disturbs sleep. When tonic effect passes off, you stay one on one with your organism lacking of water and sleep. Know when enough is enough.

Always remember that only the one, who knows where to draw a line, who eats, sleeps and relaxes enough, can work sufficiently. Be consistent with your body as well as your physical and mental needs.

Author:Carol Taylor is a journalist and writer from New York. She loves spending her time reading books and composing stories. Carol works at as an online writing tutor.


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