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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It’s not a secret: we all get those unfortunate baggy eyes from time to time, and for various reasons that range from diet-related problems, sleepless nights, heavy makeup to some medical conditions such as allergies, colds and chronic kidney problems. Still, the fact that bags under the eyes are a common problem does not help with the aesthetics of your unflattering looks with them around, which is why most people who suffer baggy eyes frequently go through painstaking efforts in an attempt to conceal the swelling and puffiness in the eye area. That’s why we have a few useful tips for you here on how to avoid and minimize the risk of those nasty eye bags based on their most common causes.

Baggy eyes can be an indicator of kidney problems

People who suffer from kidney-related problems can experience frequent dark puffy areas under and around the eyes. In case your baggy eyes have a habit of popping out in regular intervals and hanging around for a while longer than just a day or two, perhaps it would be useful to schedule an appointment with your doctor and run some kidney function tests. One of the things you can do to remedy mild chronic kidney problems and avoid swelling in the eye area without a medical prescription is to curb your salt intake and drink more water on a daily basis to ensure even distribution of sodium and H2O throughout your body.

Allergies, flu and colds can trigger eye puffiness

If your eyes tend to become all watery, baggy and swollen and your nose turns runny at the peak of the allergy season, odds are you may be experiencing a reaction to some allergen you never thought your immune system was prone to. Undergoing allergy tests is recommendable for people of all ages and from all walks of life because, after all, it’s always better to be safe than swollen. Likewise, severe colds, sinus infections and flu bouts can lead to puffiness and dark areas around your eyes, so make sure you always intake lots of vitamins and have an over-the-counter medicine at hand for those unpleasant days of low immunity and virus attacks.

Remove makeup before turning in for the night

Believe it or not, the stuff we use to make us prettier can leave us uglier in case we’re not careful. For example, heavy makeup can contribute to morning-after eye swelling and dark circles if not properly removed before turning in for the night, so next time you come back from that amazing date, make sure you meticulously do away with the mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush and powder and thoroughly wash your face with mild soap and water unless you want to wake up with your eyes all puffy, sodden and baggy. In case you really feel like your physiognomy needs lots of makeup on a daily basis, perhaps it would be a good idea to undergo a cosmetic surgery in Sydney. Procedure and effortlessly remedy your facial woes in the long run – this may also help you save quite a bit of dough you would otherwise cash out for quality cosmetics products.

Though pretty common, baggy eyes can be a highly unpleasant, unaesthetic and even embarrassing issue for people who pay a lot of attention to their looks or work in professions that demand blemishless facial features. On top of that, dark circlesa in the eye area can also be an indicator of some chronic medical conditions that need to be remedied before turning acute, so try and maintain a healthy lifestyle and run regular medical tests to avoid potential health hazards. With a few simple and refreshing changes in your everyday diet and some regular skin care routines, bags under your eyes will soon become history and your face will shine in its most stunning light without even a pinch of makeup. Try it; your eyes will be eternally grateful for the healthy change.


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