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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You all know how important working out is for a perfect body.  If you want to have a perfect muscle definition and a fit and attractive body you will have to go to the gym regularly, change your diet and restrict the intake of unhealthy and fattening food.  This is imperative for good results, but what if you could achieve even better results in a shorter period of time?  Aren't quick and excellent results and perfect muscles every gym goer’s dream? We know they are and our advice is for you to consider using protein supplements as a means of boosting your muscle definition and getting that perfect gym body more quickly and with less effort and gym hours.

Protein supplements can recover your muscle function

If you go to the gym very often, or if you are an athlete who trains hard, your muscles can get damaged. They are sensitive and if you expose them to too much hard work and training they can get very sore and you could face an inflammatory process that will last for a very long time and cause pain and discomfort. So during intensive trainings in which you strain your muscles too much you can get micro-cracks on the muscle tissue.  If you have damaged muscles, protein supplements can help you recover their function. This has been proved by many studies.  During intensive training your muscles use proteins and amino acids and turn them into energy, and the more intensive the training gets the more proteins are used. Since they make the fabric of muscles, they become worn out in a way and you get little micro-cracks that signify that the muscles are damaged. If you use protein supplements the amount of proteins will go back to normal and the muscle function will normalize again.  So those little cracks will disappear and your muscles will recover, damage will be behind you and your painful problems will be solved.

Importance of casein and sleep in the recovery process

Studies have shown that you achieve the best effects, as far as using protein supplements is concerned, if you consume them after training or any sort of physical activity, not before. It is also proved that our muscles regenerate on a faster rate and much more effectively when we sleep. It is very important to supply enough proteins and other muscle nutritive elements for our muscles when we sleep, so they would have enough energy to regenerate. It is recommended to use protein supplements before you go to sleep and a supplement that could be the most useful one in providing energy for the regeneration of your damaged muscles is the natural and fantastic casein protein powder . It is great and very effective because it disintegrates slowly releasing energy your muscles need. It is natural and based on milk and it is ideal to drink it before you go to bed. It has a high concentration of amino-acids and it is sweetened, it tastes great and it has great results. So if you are not in the opportunity to eat a protein meal or if you are afraid of over-eating after your training, use this fantastic casein powder as a practical solution.


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