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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Regardless of what you may think, the fact that they are very cute and that they love you unconditionally is not at the top of the list, although, sometimes, these things have indirect results that make very good reasons to get a pet. When we talk about this, we predominantly think of the most common household pets, which makes cats and dogs. People with cats and dogs get more than love, they also get some health benefits from their pets as well. This includes physical and mental health together. Here are the top 5 reasons to get a dog or a cat which are actually based on the health benefits that owning a pet give you.
Blood Pressure

There are a lot of scientific studies that say that people who suffer from the elevated blood pressure actually show the signs of much lower and more stable blood pressure if they have a pet, predominantly a dog. This phenomenon seems to be related to the fact that the pets offer unconditional love and that they spread the positive attitude. This lowers the stress levels and indirectly lower the tension and the blood pressure. Moreover, dogs require constant care and constant walks which forces those with the high pressure to have at least basic physical exercise. That much exercise is perfect for those who suffer from hypertension.

Stress Relief

Daily walks can help fight stress as well. Another thing that fights stress successfully is the fact that you are not on test when it comes to your pets. Everyday life is full of uncertainty and anxiety, but once you are home and your dog is jumping of happiness because you arrived, your stress levels decrease. Not to mention the moment when the kitty starts purring rhythmically in your lap and dozing off. These moments inspire happy and peaceful feelings that are much needed for those that fight stress on a daily basis.

Cats have to go wandering outside and dogs pick up just about anything during their walks. Naturally, some of those things need to be taken care of immediately like using capstar for cats to get rid of flea or immediate bath time for dogs who got face deep in mud. However, regardless of how hard you tried, some of the germs and bacteria will find their way to your home. But that are not the bad news. Those germs and bacteria will reach you in very small dosages and that will force your immune system to react and develop a fighting system against them. Something like the mechanism that vaccination uses. Also, lower stress levels increase immunity.
Social Adaptation

It is very hard to walk a dog and not talk to anybody else while you are doing it. Other dog owners, dog lovers and passers-by will sooner or later ask you something about your buddy, pet him and spark a conversation. Therefore, it is always nice to boost your social life by meeting more relaxed and loving people. However, another thing that is getting boosted is your self confidence that you get from the pet’s love. That is very important in social interactions and that is just what you get from having a pet.
Mental Hygiene and General Discipline

Taking care of another living being means that you need to make some schedule and take some responsibility in your life. Dogs and cats have a very strict routine about when and where they sleep, eat and the like. You are the one who needs to make sure that it all happens in time and well. PetsHYPERLINK ""HYPERLINK ""teachHYPERLINK ""you HYPERLINK ""things likeHYPERLINK ""discipline and responsibility. Also, you need to take care of their health and your own as they depend on you. With all that love and discipline they provide you with, they are making you a better person and a far more self-aware one.

The benefits of having a pet are evident. However, you really need to think twice before getting one. That is a living and loving being and they need care, attention and your love. If you are not able to offer that to them, then don’t bother getting a pet. They are not tools of your wellbeing, but your friends. 


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