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Monday, February 2, 2015

Holiday turkey and Christmas cake are tempting to gorge on but how it adds inches to your belly can shock you at the end of the season. Moreover, the chilly winds and cold weather outside keeps you snuggled up to the warm bed and a mere thought of working out can give you goose bumps. 

Winter shouldn't be a time when you hibernate your fitness plans. With a mix of exercises and right attitude, winter can actually be a fantastic time to get creative in your workouts. No doubt, exercise can help you beat the winter blues.

1. Make your mind

It is the holiday season and it's not all about cold weather. This is the time to welcome the new year. So make up your mind and embrace it by revisiting your goals. Plan out how you will accomplish your winter weight loss plans in the next few months. 

2. Go out and play

Who doesn't like to play with the snow? If you can't gather energy to work out at this time of the year, try "playing" instead. This way you can burn quite a few calories. Playing as we know is the best cardio session. But, it is not a matter of playing just for a day. You have to make it a regular habit in order to keep your winter weight loss routine going smoothly. 

By making snow angels: 214 calories are burned per hour on average
By having snow fight:  319 are calories burned per hour 
Building a snowman: 285 calories are burned per hour
Try ice skating: it can burn more than 450 calories per hour. It's fun.

3. Do exercises at home

Going to a gym is quite a hassle in the winters. But this is no excuse for skipping daily workout. Workout at home -- watch new workout DVDs, invest in few fitness equipment or at least keep weights at home. Gyms are crowded, home can be more comfortable and convenient to work out. 
 4. Try something new

Sign up to a new class or join indoor sports league to get you up during chilly months. Trying something new reignites your motivation. Indoor volleyball, a dodge-ball league or boot-camp class or tennis lessons at a local club — all these are fantastic ways to stay active in winters.

5. Opt for treadmills

Walking or jogging outside may break your bone or two, if you trip on frozen ice. This doesn't mean you skip jogging sessions, treadmills is the best option at this time. Before any workout, walking or jogging on treadmill should be initiated. It helps you warm up and you don't have to get slapped on your face by chilly breeze.

6. Dance like mad

Dance yourself silly for 5 minutes on your favorite tunes (about 2 songs). It is an another fat burning blast which can make your winter weightloss plan more fun. Moving your body while dancing will not only help burn fat but it also helps release stress and muscle tension too.

7. Stretch

Stretching between the workout sessions is extremely important as winters steal your flexibility. In order to maintain it, stretch the back of your legs and your lower back. These two are toning stretches, designed to complement and enhance the benefits of other winter weight loss workouts.

8. Take up a winter sport

If you love to play and compete, think about taking a winter sport. Skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, there are many great winter sports that burn mega calories and make your winter workout plan more fun and energetic.

9. Keep a company

You need someone to keep you motivated, call a friend to exercise along. Social support keeps you active, many studies have revealed it. Try taking a brisk walk or exercise during afternoons, if dark mornings discourage you.  

10. Eat Better

If you are not exercising, you don't even consider eating healthy and start drinking sloppily. Pack your own lunch. Make fruits your best friend. Add a fruit to each meal, and a vegetable to lunch and dinner. You'll feel fuller, and eat less at your next snack or meal.

“The more you eat out, the less control you have over food and you are more likely that you are to overeat," says Mary Flynn, Ph.D., R.D., a nutrition researcher at Brown University.

So, don't think on skipping your winter weightloss workout. Even exercising can be fun. Make best of this season and show off your toned body in the upcoming summer.

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