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Monday, March 23, 2015

We live in a ‘fast’ world though lots of us have sedentary jobs and do very little exercising after we finish work. Home, work, lunch, back home, sit in front of TV. How many of us can ‘subscribe’ to this way of life? 

Millions some reports would say, so successful and regular training is a must for almost everybody. I would also suggest a little research before one decides what is the right way to exercise. Some go to a gym, but others prefer collective sports or simple running outside in the park with plenty of fresh air…

Joining a local gym is probably the most popular way of acting when we talk about exercising. Even here one should ‘shop around’ as a popular saying goes. Gyms are a ‘world’ of sophisticated equipment and some of that being very expensive will leave mark on your membership fees. Even a particular time of day can be important in determining your fee. In recent years this industry has boomed and there are a lot of gymnasiums around, so a wise decision would be to check all of them that are in the vicinity and handy to your location.

I find it very easy to say no to a particular product they will try to sell to you when you visit the gym. For example a simple 3-session workout with your trainer will be plenty to determine what is the best way to exercise. There are lots of machines there to choose from but at the end of the day 10-15 different ‘stations’ are sufficient. There are so many good books written on the subject so the visit to your local library will enable you to research further if you wish to do so. It is good to change your routine from time to time but maybe not so much at the start.

Everyone of us has a clear budget which defines what is possible and what funds are available. It is not bad to visit the local store or simply the internet to find info. Supplements  are also good to take when exercising, protein shakes and other products. Here is a good website that will help a new enthusiast there, it’s called Legion and it will give full info on the Legion supplement quad pack.

There are some other ‘avenues’ to explore and safe money. Sometime your employer would be interested to partly finance your membership fees or even your health insurance might have a way to enable the same thing. The more you exercise, healthier you are and that is an interest for both your employer and your health insurer.  I have subscribed to a particular Health Insurance Fund for this reason in the past.

I will mention one other thing that is important. When you are travelling make sure to ‘freeze’ your membership fee, and there is another saving. Now there is lot more out there than just the gym, there are parks to run through, bicycle lanes to cycle, both enabling you a lot of fresh air too. There are collective sports: football, basketball, even tennis to play with a friend if you prefer so. But make sure there is something that will get you out there and spend time burning those calories and engaging your heart to work better. 


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