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Monday, March 23, 2015

Watching a close friend or family member battle an alcohol or drug addiction can be downright devastating. Witnessing someone you care about throw away her life and destroy her health isn’t something you ever thought you’d have to deal with. 

However, now that this scenario has come to pass, the task of starting your loved down the road to recovery falls to you. Although you’re ill-prepared to tackle this kind of situation, you’re determined to no longer stand idly by. Fortunately, there are number of ways you can help your friend overcome her addiction, regardless of how much experience you have with addicted individuals. If you’re ready to get your loved one the help she needs, look into the following options.

In-Patient Treatment Facilities

In-patient treatment facilities, commonly known as “rehab centers,” are designed to help patients overcome an extensive range of addictions. In addition to employing highly-skilled addiction counselors, nurses and physicians, these facilities offer physical therapy and other fun activities to help take patients’ minds off their vices. Furthermore, patients are given the opportunity to attend daily support groups where they’re able to share their stories and listen to the experiences of their peers.

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Out-Patient Treatment

Unlike in-patient facilities, out-patient treatment centers don’t require patients to stay overnight. These facilities typically require patients to attend daily support groups and therapy sessions and keep a meticulous record of their progress. Additionally, the aforementioned support groupsgenerally involve workbook study and a fair amount of homework. Out-patient addicts are often assigned sponsors from their respective support groups. A sponsor is someone who’s been in recovery for a long time and will make himself available any time asponsee is in danger of a relapse or just needs someone to talk to.

Frequent Check-Ins

Throughout the recovery process, it’s important that your friend knows that you’re there for her. With this in mind, make a point of checking in with her every day and letting her know how much you believe in her ability to overcome her addiction. Even if she has a sponsor, she’s sure to appreciate hearing from a supportive loved one on a consistent basis. To ensure that she keeps her mind off her vice, offer to hang out with her and do fun things whenever your schedule allows.

As anyone who has dealt with a drug or alcohol-addicted loved one can confirm, addiction is a double-edged sword. Not only does it hurt the person battling the addiction, it also takes a tremendous toll on that individual’s friends and family members. In order to minimize the pain on both sides, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the effective range of treatment options available to people suffering from addiction.


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