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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A strong immunity is a guarantee for a healthy body and it is our defence against viruses or various different annoying sicknesses, like a seasonal flu, for example, which can become a prolonged nuisance if our immunity is low. 

Busy lifestyle can cause a lot of stress that people usually find hard to cope with. And stress has a destructive influence on our immune system. It lowers it and than our body is left defenceless against all of the viruses and different patogens we are exposed to daily. The best way to keep your immune system high up is to eat healthy, exercise and have a good night sleep. There is not a lot of wisdom about it and it is as simple as that. However, with our modern way of life and all of the obligations and stress, it is not always easy to stick to these simple rules and that is why you need all of the help you can get form nature. Your immune system can get especially low in that transitional period from winter to spring and this is when you should boost it using natural supplements in your diet and by increasing the intake of vitamins and healthy food.

Secrets for a great immune system

Your immune system is the main line of defence from microbes and bacteria that can cause inflammatory processes in your body. You should definitely try to keep it strong at all times. First of all, you should try to sleep as much as you can and to avoid stressful situations because they can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in your body and weaken your immune system. Good night sleep and rest are crucial in maintaining a strong immune system. Include regular exercise into this formula and success is guaranteed. You will have an immune system that will never let you down.

Try to avoid cigarettes and alcohol because they are the main destroyers of your immunity. Studies have shown that an increase in the intake of fruit and vegetables can influence the production of antibody in your organism and these are the basic fabric of your immunity and a guarantee that it will stay strong and fight off microbes and viruses. Try using probiotics and fermented milk products regularly and you will improve the defensive powers of you immune system. Vitamin D is crucial for a good immunity and the most natural way to trigger your body to produce it is to get exposed to the sun rays. So in the spring time enjoy a walk in the open and fresh air and let your skin absorb as much sun as it can.


Another natural ingredient that does wonders for your immune system is garlic. Its healthy ingredients are activated when it is heated so you should consider adding it to your still hot meals before serving.

Natural ingredients and nutrients to improve your immunity

You can try some herbs that will surely boost your immunity. Echinacea can be used for making tincture perfect for this. There is also Asian and American ginseng that has been used for these purposes since the ancient times and is still effective today. You can buy all of these herbs at your health food stores and invest into your health and wellbeing.

As far as different nutrients are concerned, the ones that are perfect for boosting your immune system are vitamins C, A, and E and the best minerals are iron, selenium, copper and zink. Vitamin C contains antioxidants that help your white blood cells fight off disease and infection. Kiwi is the fruit with the highest concentration of this vitamin. Vitamin A is rich with carotenoids which help prevent respiratory infections and this vitamin can be found in great quantities in carrot, pumpkin, cheese, milk and butter. Vitamin A is also great at fighting off bacteria because it is rich in antioxidants. Almonds, avocado and sunflower seeds are a great source of this vitamin.

And we can not deny the importance of the precious minerals. Zink helps our body produce white blood cells and you should take from 3 to 14 mg of it daily. Great sources are chicken meat, oysters, beef and pumpkin seeds. Iron keeps you healthy by boosting your white and red cell number and you can find it in red meat, spinach, or tofu. Selenium increases the number of antibodies. Canned tuna, Brazilian nuts and eggs are good sources.

These ingredients are the secret to a strong immune system and a healthy body, so start using them as soon as possible and enter the spring happy and healthy!


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