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Monday, June 22, 2015

The opinions differ when it comes parties. Are they good for our health or are they something which should be avoided at all cost? As with everything in life, the answer is in between.

The benefits of going to parties:

Strong immune system

When I tell you this, you will not stop going wild at parties. You know why? According to the latest research, extroverted people are associated with better immune system than introverted ones. So, when somebody reproaches you for going to the party the next time, you have a ready-made answer for them.


Your additional task when you go out is to laugh your head off. Laughter is healthy, did you know that? Laughter relaxes your whole body for up to 45 minutes. There is another proof that partying improves your immune system: when you laugh, your body increases the number of antibodies whose function is to resist diseases. Additionally, laughter increases the blood flow and protects your heart from cardiovascular problems.  Finally, another benefits of laughing is reducing stress.

Dance parties

You love dancing? Now you will love it even more. While dancing, your heart rate increases which makes dancing a kind of workout. This means that you burn calories and build your muscles while dancing. Not only can dancing improve your physical condition, but it can also challenge your mind. According to the study, frequent dancers around the age of 75 had lower risk of developing dementia.

Moderate alcohol consumption equals health

Is this even possible? Yes, it is. However, we need to define what moderate alcohol consumption really means. Moderate alcohol consumption includes having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. This is measured by taking into account any single day, not several days in a row. I think we all can manage one or two drinks when we go out. Right? According to the study published by the School of Public Health at Harvard University, moderate alcohol consumption is linked with the lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. The Dutch study proved that drinking moderately can lower the chances of developing diabetes 2.

Party games

Playing games is not only good for children, it is also highly beneficial for adults, too. Taking part in a party game can improve brain functions such as memory. By playing games, you can also boost your creativity as you always learn something new while playing. It goes without saying that playing any kind of game relieves stress. When you are not sure about taking part in a party games, bear in mind the quote by George Bernard Shaw “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

How to party safely

As we mentioned health benefits of drinking moderately, we must stress out that the best thing is that you do drink moderate amounts. If you plan to drink, always eat well before the party. Do not mix two types of alcoholic drinks. Make plans in advance on how you want to return home. The best recommendation is to have a designated driver or to take a taxi or a bus. Stay close with people you trust, especially at large parties. You can even choose some healty way to party, like trampoline fitness party.

When we party, we tend to be all-nighters. According to the research, all-nighters have heightened positive feelings which is similar to some kind of euphoria. On the other hand, sleep deprivation leads to making not rational but emotionally charge decisions. This can result in various risky behaviours. Being an all-nighter can also lead to anxiety disorders. Partying too much can disturb your biological rhythm and digestive system.

When you think about two extremes, always remember the Aristotelian doctrine of golden mean. So the best conclusion is: if taken with moderation, partying can bring a lot of good things in life.


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