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Thursday, June 18, 2015

There are so many benefits that come from including fiber in your daily diet. These benefits include lowering your risk for heart disease, reducing constipation, and helping you control your weight. 

It is recommended that a person include between 25 to 30 grams of fiber in their diet daily. Unfortunately, the majority of people only have an average of 15 grams daily. There are five things that you can do to increase your daily fiber intake.

Jump Start Your Morning with Fiber

There are many delicious cereals that are considered high fiber. These would include any cereal that has five or more grams of fiber per serving. If cold cereal is not your breakfast of choice, oatmeal is a good source of soluble fiber. The fiber content of your morning cereal can be increased by adding a teaspoon of bran or throwing in some fruit.

Beans, Beans the Fibrous Fruit

All beans are good source of fiber. However, kidney beans and garbanzo beans each provide 8 grams of fiber per half a cup. Throw in a few vegetables or mix in a few legumes to make a tasty chili and you are well on your way to consuming the daily recommended amount of fiber.

Choose Fresh Fruit over Juice

While there’s nothing wrong with the juicing your favorite fruit, doing so removes all fiber content. When it comes to fiber,
not all fruits are created equal. For example, one apple has between 3 to 4 grams of fiber. One cup of raspberries has approximately 8 grams of fiber. Fresh fruit can be added to cookies, pancakes, and breads prior to baking them. Dried fruits have a higher fiber count per cup then fresh fruits. For example, one cup of grapes has about 1 gram of fiber, whereas that same cup of raisins will give you 7 grams.

Making the Best Use of Fiber Supplements

The best source of fiber is fresh fruits and vegetables. However, most Americans find it hard to get all the fiber they need in their diet. For this reason, there are fiber supplements like the Regulator offered by
Do Vitamins. Fiber supplements can be taken in pill form, added to drinks, or sprinkled on top of foods as a way to fill the gap that an average diet leaves.

Try Foods from around the World

The average American diet has less fiber than other cuisines from around the world. Mexican cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Mediterranean fare include healthy portions of black beans, hummus, wheat couscous, and tabbouleh that are rich in fiber.

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Individuals who are battling with weight loss are often encouraged to increase their fiber intake. Individuals battling with high cholesterol or who are at risk of heart disease can also use fiber as a way of bringing these conditions under control. 


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