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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Every girl dreams to have rich, luscious and thick hair which makes all her girlfriends green with envy.

This is something every girl dreams of since childhood thanks to movies and stories like Rapunzel. However with the heavy pollution, stress and poor eating habits, it’s a hard aim to achieve healthy hair.

You can improve the health of your hair by incorporating these nutrients and ingredients in your die to make sure you get those precious locks you’ve always wanted:


Fish like salmon and sardines are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that do wonders for your hair. Your body is incapable of producing this on its own which is why it is essential to supplement your body with these nutrients from your diet. They not only help in building immunity but also render a beautiful shine to your hair.

Greek Yogurt

This is another nutrient packed with goodies for your hair. It is rich in protein which is an essential component of your hair. Greek yogurt also increases the blood flow to your scalp helping in hair growth. Another vital vitamin that is incorporated in Greek yogurt is vitamin B5 which is an essential vitamin that helps prevent hair loss and helps you combat thinning of hair. A good helping of Greek Yogurt will keep your hair healthy and thick.


We all know how healthy spinach is for us thanks to the Popeye show. Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrition and brings the goodness of Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin C and beta carotene. This is all you can dream of for a healthy scalp and strong hair which don’t break easily. Spinach has good water content too and helps preventing drying of scalp which leads to brittle hair. Take a good intake of spinach to combat weak hair that fall easily.


Sweet Potatoes

This ingredient is not just pure magic for your hair but also tastes incredible and hard to resist. They are rich with antioxidant like beta carotene which is then converted into Vitamin A- a vital element for dull hair that has lost their shine due to heavy use of products and pollution. Another great advantage is that it helps keep your scalp oily and helps it produce sebum which render natural shine and prevent dry hair.


This again is a yummy ingredient as it brings a lovely taste and aroma to the food and also plays a vital role in giving you healthy hair. It helps improve circulation to the scalp which nourishes the follicles making the hair healthy from the inside and not just the outside. You can use a good amount of cinnamon in your coffee, toast or pancakes and indulge in healthy food full of taste too.


Eggs are rich in protein and act as a great conditioner for the hair as well. They also contain a good quantity of iron as well as Biotin which is known as Vitamin H or hair vitamin as it helps in hair growth. This will go a long way in preventing hair loss and will boost hair growth. You can also apply egg to your hair as a mask and shampoo it to get soft, silky well-conditioned hair.

We’re all proud of our manes but due to the strenuous life style we live, it’s hard to take care of hair. Using these foods and incorporating them in our diet will go a long way in giving us the hair we covet more than anything!

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