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Thursday, August 13, 2015

There are 10 reasons why a wisdom tooth should be removed. To learn more about the extraction process, contact a seasoned dentist in Bel Air, MD.


Reason One

When a wisdom tooth erupts, it takes up a lot of space along the gum line. If it grows unevenly, you will have problems cleaning key areas near the surrounding gums. If food remains on the tissue, inflammation will gather around the tooth. The inflammation will spread rapidly to other teeth if it is not treated.

Reason Two

Most dentists believe that oral inflammation from a wisdom tooth can affect an infant’s weight. If you plan to have kids, an extraction can be very helpful.

Reason Three

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, tumors or cysts may occur. To remove the lesions, extensive procedures must be implemented by a dentist.

Reason Four

Over time, medical risks will increase if the wisdom tooth is not removed. By visiting a dentist, you won’t have infections in the future.

Reason Five

If inflammation or gum disease develops after the wisdom tooth erupts, your gum tissue may recede. Tooth loss and bone deterioration could also occur. If these medical conditions develop, you will need dentures or dental implants. To protect your teeth and gums, contact a reputable dental clinic, such as
Smile Makers Dental.


Reason Six

By extracting the wisdom tooth early, crowding will less likely happen.

Reason Seven

If your wisdom tooth is problem-free, an extraction is still recommended because cardiovascular disease could develop down the road.

Reason Eight

After the tooth erupts, the gum tissue around the molar will be high. If the tooth is not pulled, the tissue around it will become chronically inflamed.

Reason Nine

By pulling the tooth early, you will protect the neighboring teeth. If a wisdom tooth erupts in the wrong direction, root damage could occur.

Reason Ten

Some people feel discomfort in the area where the wisdom tooth erupted. In most cases, the pain will stop after the tooth is removed. However, if a muscle spasm or a sore jaw joint is causing the discomfort, the pain will continue for a few days after the tooth is extracted.

If you need to extract a wisdom tooth, visit a clinic that uses the latest diagnostic tools and surgery equipment. Experience is very important, so you must select a dentist who has performed dental surgeries for at least 20 years. 


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