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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Whether you've worn glasses for years or have recently seen your vision deteriorate enough that they're necessary, you may find yourself wondering how you'll know it's time for an upgrade.Here are some of the symptoms of deteriorating vision that might be so subtle that you don't recognize them at first.


Trouble Seeing to Drive

You're suddenly having trouble seeing well enough to drive at night. While difficulty with night driving is fairly common, especially in people who don't do it often, having difficulty spring at you out of nowhere is a clear sign of a problem with your vision.

Tired Eyes

Your eyes feel tired, especially if you've spent too much time reading or sitting at your computer. Often, symptoms of eyestrain are the first sign that you need to put too much effort into bringing things into focus. If you find yourself pressing your hands over your eyes or closing them for several minutes at a time "just to give them a rest," it might be time to visit your eye doctor.


Headaches, like eyestrain, are often a symptom of eyes that are having to put in too much work in order to complete normal tasks. If you find yourself experiencing headaches more frequently than usual, check with your optometrist to eliminate deteriorating vision as a source.



At first, you might not notice just how blurry the world around you has become. In order to bring the scene in front of you into focus, however, you'll find that you're squinting. As this happens more often, you'll find that it's past time for a new glasses prescription.

Change in Position

You're sitting closer to the television, easing books and papers further back, or pushing back from your computer screen in order to get a better look at what's in front of you. Any time you have to change your focus in order to see the item in front of you, it's time to have your eyes examined.

All too often, people put off vision exams for as long as possible. They'll insist that they're functioning well enough and that a vision exam isn't really necessary, especially if they've already been to the eye doctor this year. Changes in vision or difficulty bringing the world into focus, however, necessitate an trip to the eye doctor to ensure that you're able to see the world around you with increased clarity. If the world has gone fuzzy around you and you can no longer see, it's time to schedule an appointment for a new prescription and find a new pair of glasses from retailers like 


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