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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mental health is as important as physical fitness yet most people focus on the latter. This may easily be attributed to the omnipresence of gyms and fitness centers, not to mention the combined billion-dollar industry of fitness products and brute force advertising. But to achieve peak wellness, one must train both physically and mentally. Here's 5 natural ways that can improve your mental healthand wellness.



Physical exercise doesn't just build body muscles but can also break a mental sweat. It doesn't even have to be an intense workout. Long walks, jogging, and gardening are all acceptable and mentally beneficial activities anyone can do on a regular basis. Studies indicate that physical exercise minimizes negative feelings including anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it can improve self-confidence and social skills.

Cut the Bad Habits

Drinking alcohol and smoking should be ceased gradually to avoid long-term relapse. While most people who smoke will tell you that they do it to relieve stress, the habit is actually counter-effective and can further raise levels of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, heavy drinking over time can lead to damaged brain cells, which make it harder to learn and retain new information and mentally recover after an accident. Other bad habits you should consider breaking or at least cutting back on include sleeping late, getting glued to your computer screen or handheld device, and eating junk food.

Practice Meditation

Meditation, particularly mindfulness techniques, could work wonders toward your body and mind. Recent studies reveal that meditation is a great means of relieving stress and anxiety. To further benefit from meditation, use natural products like essential oils. Natural ingredients like lavender can calm and revitalize both body and mind when inhaled during deep-breathing exercises. To find more information about this particular product line and how to use them, ask experts like
Gary Young, who's been accumulating evidence of the true value and importance of essential oils for the past several years.



Going outside once in a while can nourish the human mind and spirit. It doesn't necessarily have to be a grandiose vacation. You can travel to neighboring cities or states and have lunch there or read a book at the park. It is also ideal to spend time relaxing around nature to calm the senses and take a break from the busy and stressful cityscape. Aside from relieving mental strain, traveling also opens new opportunities and experiences for the traveler. You never know what new hobby or passion you will find or who you'll meet during your travels.

Find the Right Crowd

The people around you can be causing you stress. You can feel something heavy in your gut when you're around them or is generally sad If so, it's time to find yourself the right group of people. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can foster the right social environment for growth and development. The best way to do this is to go outside and meet new folks. Attend seminars and meetings and join clubs and support groups. It will be hard, especially for introverts, but the important thing is to take the journey at a slow pace otherwise your search could backfire and simply cause more stress.

Complement these 5 natural ways of improving mental health by training the right mindset. At the end of the day, it's all about how you perceive things around you. Having the mental endurance to take on any stressful challenge or traumatic event will play an important role towards being able to enjoy life. Proactively work on building this frame of thinking and avoid being idle as this can cause you to slip back to that depressed and worrisome state. 


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