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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Snoring is caused when throat and nasal tissues vibrate, it is more common in people that smoke, drink heavily or are overweight.

Tranquillisers like Valium can increase muscle relaxation and cause more snoring. Men are more common snorers than women this is because men have narrower air passages but we all snore at some time in our lives, as we age the muscle tone in our throats decreases, the decreased muscle tone leads to increased vibration and noisier nights.

Relationship Problems

Snoring can cause all kinds of relationship issues, nobody likes to be kept awake by a noisy snorer all night. Snoring can lead to couples sleeping in separate rooms, snoring can lead to lack of intimacy and closeness. If you snore and keep your partner awake you may find they start resenting you and making you feel guilty.

Effects on Sleep

Snoring doesn't just keep partners and loved ones awake, it can effect the snorers sleep too. Poor sleep on a regular basis can lead to all sorts of problems, it is recommended that we get 8 hours sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep can lead to memory problems, irritability, reduced immune system function which leads to more colds, flu, etc. lack of sleep can even cause weight gain and problems with work. If you gain weight your snoring will probably become worse.

Snoring Solutions

If snoring is effecting your relationship, your work or your health you probably want to find a solution to it. Below are a few of the most popular solutions to help decrease snoring.

Lose Weight - As we said above being overweight, even just slightly overweight can lead to increased snoring. Increased fat around the neck can decrease the size of the airway, a smaller airway reduce airflow and increase vibration.

Neck Exercise - Since snoring is caused by vibrating tissues certain exercises can work muscles in the throat and decrease snoring, some mouth and throat exercises can be found here.

Sleep Posture - Try sleeping on your side as opposed to your back. Sleeping on your back means the tongue, chin and excess fatty tissue under your chin relax squashing your airways. Sleeping on your side is also better for your back and posture apparently.

Stop Smoking - Smoking is blamed for all sorts of issues including snoring, smoking can cause swelling of the airways and increase catarrh.

Don't Drink Alcohol Before Bed - Alcohol makes the muscles become more relaxed, the more relaxed throat muscles lead to increased vibration and snoring.

Inhale Steam - Pour some boiling water into a boil, put a towel over your head and breath it in. Maybe add some vapour rub to clear the airways even more.

Over The Counter Products - There are several over the counter products available, such products include nasal strips and plastic things that you put up your nose to open the nostrils. Herbal spays can also be used to increase the airways and reduce vibration.

Do you know of any snoring solutions not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments.
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