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Thursday, November 12, 2015

If you're new to the menstrual cycle thing or just in need of refresher course, then you are in the right place. You need to take care of your body by using healthy and valuable products designed for women. Below are some tips you should follow for stress-free cycle.

You should keen enough to know the product you should use. Make yourself clean and safe by using the right female health products.

Tampons – They are being inserted into the vagina so that it will absorb the blood from menstrual cycle before it leaves your body. There are two types of tampons: applicator and non-applicator. Applicators are either plastic or cardboard and will not touch the genital part too much. Non-applicator produces less waste and the woman can control it more when inserting it.

Sea sponges – A type of tampon that is reusable. You can wash it after using then insert it again for use. It is being used the same way we use other tampons.

Pads – It is being worn outside the body and you will stick it to the underwear. Pads come in different lengths and thickness. Pads are common hygiene product for women. However, you will feel sweaty when using it.

Cloth pads – These are made from cloth obviously. Usually, women will fasten this to the underwear using snaps fastens. They come in different styles and materials. They are considered as healthier.

Make sure to have a plan. This is good when you have chosen your product that suits your personal needs. Different products are designed for different activities – outdoor and indoor. If you are going to the beach or will spend some time in the pool, then you should use tampon or cup. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with that. If you are planning to a sleepover at your friend's house, a pad will just work out fine. You should consider where you're going and who's with you when you do the activity and then you can make a decision after that. It's essential to know the issues. Consider as well your health, the convenience of the product and the value for money. You should be careful when selecting female personal hygiene products and check the reputation of the company behind the product.

Make an experiment. As a woman, you should get to know your own body. You should also aware of your menstrual cycle. Once in a while, we make inevitable mistake but we are able to resolve it with some learning along the way. You would be able to know if this or that tampon is good for you. You can discern when to use a tampon and pad on other days. Everyone is unique and our needs differ from each other. Some needs a doctor's recommended female urinary devices and some are not. Choose wisely for your body and at the same time, be open on trying new things. Who knows that it may be a perfect for your personal needs.

Continue your workout. Although women have their monthly period, that does not mean that they need to stop working out and hitting the gym equipment. No need to stop because working out also helps the blood to circulate properly, and able to remove stress during this period. Just use a reliable pads or tampons when doing your work out.

Choosing a product is not difficult; you just need to have a plan.

About the author:

Candice Larson is a lifestyle and health enthusiast. She juggles her time between working full-time and attending graduate school. Writing is her stress-reliever.


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