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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Your mornings don't have to be rushed and frantic. According to lifestyle experts, mornings are a time to reflect on the day ahead, eat a healthy breakfast and exercise. Read on to learn what five things you can do in the morning to make the rest of your day a great one.

1) Get Out of Bed Earlier

Not something night owls want to hear, but waking up early in the morning makes your body feel a lot more refreshed. The difference is really noticeable once you get past the shock of waking up before the sun. To start waking up earlier, try adjusting your waking time just five minutes every few days. This will help you adjust easier.

2) Oral Care

Brush and floss your teeth after you eat, not before, to give you a refreshing start to the day. If you don’t eat until after you leave for the day, bring along some refreshing breath mints or gun to have after you eat. You should also drink a glass of water after eating to help wash away any of the sugars that are lingering in your mouth. Consider using toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. If you still have stains you feel uncomfortable about, see a dentist like Dr. Daniel Bade DDS that can do professional teeth whitening.

3) Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Fruit is always a good choice for breakfast. If you're in the mood for something heartier, foods with a protein source should nip your morning hunger in the bud. It’s important that you don’t skip out on this important time to get your body energized for the day. Try to stay away from sugary cereals.

4) Do The Biggest "To Do" First

In the morning, you should always identify the most important thing that you have to do that day. Once this is done, do it. Tackling the toughest task on your to-do list is a rocket boost for your mood and productivity.

5) Meditate

By now we have all heard about the benefits of establishing a morning meditation practice. However, many people find it difficult to do so, trying different methods with no success. If this is you, ditch the methods of the masters and find your own path. It's okay to just sit quietly for a few minutes. Even then you'll get such benefits as an elevated mood throughout the day.

If you take the time to gather yourself and your thoughts at the beginning of your day, this can work wonders for the rest of it. Eating healthy, getting important work done and meditatingare all things that you can do to get your day started right.


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