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Friday, September 23, 2016

Did you wake up to the cranking sound of your alarm only to realize your head is too heavy to lift up, you’re already late for work and you feel utterly sick? It might just be coming back to you. How the after hours meeting with friends where you swore to maybe just one drink at maximum turned into the overwhelmingly fun experience of you buying the last round of shots?

Well, the fact is, we have all been there. The other not so pleasing fact that follows is how we have all had to deal with the uncomfortable, unavoidable and not so sweet aftereffect that is known as a hangover. Now, you need to deal with your day at work and be the best professional self you can be. So, are you looking for a remedy then? The bad news is there is no magic potion that you just need to cook up. However, the good news is, thanks to science we might just have one soon. So as long as the long awaited day comes, lets’ look at how you can minimize those hangover symptoms for your day at office.

The Tips to Follow

As you already know, there is no ultimate cure. But there are number of remedies that you can try and find out which one works the best for you. That can act as your Tips to work after hangover
personal hangover cure. The following tips to work after hangover will guide you down the road.

· Drinking Water-

Nothing works better than the effects of water. Drinking water throughout the day helps absorb the alcohol content in your body and decreases its level. So you sober up, feel healthier and stay away from dehydration.

· Eating Food-

There is no reason why you should avoid having a healthy meal when your heading feels like it might be bursting. The blood alcohol concentration or the BAC, is also kept in check. It is also the reason why you have snacks while drinking, since it is never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach.

· Drink your Coffee-

If you love caffeine, it might just work specially during your hangover days when you need to work. Just be sure to not drink more than required and you can last till the clock ticks your desired time. But drink a glad of water after as well.

· Sports Drink-

Alcohol has diuretic effect therefore; you will surely lose some electrolytes. Hence, sport drinks help in the process of making up for the loss through electrolysis.

· No More Alcohol-

By no more alcohol, it means not even one drink. More consumption of alcohol when you are at work will firstly be not legal. Secondly, it will cause your nerves to shrink resulting in numbness.

· Remember to Be Alert-

It is natural for you to be more preoccupied with your hangover than concentrate on your behavior at work. That’s why, it is important that you make it a point to be extra friendly and social on the days of your hangover at work. Engage in small talks, say the occasional hellos and smile.

· Patience-

If you have reached lunchtime, then do not worry. Chances are you will be feeling way better in the second half and the worst is over. So, be patient because hangover does not last forever even though it may seem so.

So, remember to put on your best smile and work through the day in office when you have a hangover. Also, the next time you go to drink on a working day, remember to set a limit that is strict and effective. Avoid future troubles. But in case it happens, you have your tips to work after hangover as the exit solution.

Jennifer Broflowski is a blogger and contributor to resume blog


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