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Monday, May 15, 2017

Summer, that time of year when your body is all sucked up. When it’s craving for cold fruit juice or a bowl of ice-cream. Although it includes family outings or vacation with your buddies and hence a heavy plate of food, it’s really necessary to know about the necessities of your body during summer as the chances of dehydration and exhaustion are more. So, gear up to beat the heat!

Here are a few summer diet tips:

1.     The one which you may have heard a bit too many times- WATER! Yup. It IS that important.  Many of you may be tempted to grab aerated drinks but water is always a smarter choice. Water keeps the body cool and prevents dehydration and thus saving you from throwing up! PLUS- it helps you to avoid putting on the unwanted calories!

2.     Again, you may not be excited- have a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are a necessity during summer. They help to keep the body hydrated as well as healthy. To make it a bit more appealing, make a smoothie or a fruit salad. Just try adding curd or yogurt to it as well.

3.     Don’t cut out meat! (not for vegans tho) Many of us stop craving meat during this time as it increases our body temperature even more. But guess what- you cannot rule out proteins! It is an important part of the diet. Plus- it also keeps your hair healthy and that is difficult during summers!

4.     Another summer health tip is to avoid heavy meals as it may increase acidity. Rather, try opting for small portions of food in equal intervals of time to keep your system active and healthy.

5.     Go for an iced green tea rather than a coffee. It will keep you cool and also freshen up your body.

6.     And finally, after your dinner, go for a stroll around your neighborhood. It will help you shed those extra pounds and burn up the fat.

These will help you to enjoy the sunny, warm days as a healthy, strong person. So, try changing your diet this summer and challenge the rising mercury!


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