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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lots of infants, who are below three, have infection in ear. Though the adults have also the possibility to experience ear infection, the children are mostly prone to this disorder. A survey has also revealed that especially baby boys get more affected in compared to the girls. 

Your baby may have outer ear infection or inflammation in the middle part of the ear. However, it is mainly bacteria, which can cause the infection in your baby’s ear. While there is an accumulation of fluid inside eardrum, the problem of bacteria may crop up. Your doctor may show you a Eustachian tube diagram while discussing about the infection.  

Infection- Is it in the internal or outer ear?

Many parents cannot understand whether the infection is in the inner or outer ear. The experts have observed that outer ear infection is the cause of accumulation of water. Bacteria grow in the thin skin layer that covers the ear tube. No matter whether your baby has mild symptoms, you have to consult with the physicians. Usually, itching, redness and puss release are major symptoms that indicate infection or inflammation.

However, if the infection is in the internal part of the ear, your baby will have hearing problem or pain in two ears. High fever is also another symptom for inner ear inflammation. Thus, you may immediately contact a specialist for treating ear infections. A Eustachian tube diagram may make it clear how every part of the ear is connected to each other. So, an infection in any of the parts can cause trouble to your baby.


Preventing the infection in ear with simple tricks

Though the treatments are available for outer ear infection treatment, you must prevent your baby from any inflammation. We like to recommend you some ways that act as the best preventive measures against ear infection.

·        No drinking when the infant is not sitting

If the new-born baby remains in horizontal pose, you should not allow him to suck milk or drink water. In this position, the internal ear tubes remain open, and thus, the germs and liquids access the ear to cause infection.

·        Never smoke in front of babies

Smoking tobacco may increase the risk of your baby’s ear infection. The researchers have revealed that small tobacco particles may block the internal ear tube, and so, as the fluid cannot get drained, your baby has infection. No matter whether you are smoking out of the room, the dusts can easily contact your baby. Keep away from your smoking habit to ensure safety of a baby.

·        Breastfeeding

This has a significant role to avert the conditions, like ear inflammation. The experts have noticed that if you keep on breastfeeding for a longer time, your baby may not have much possibility to experience infection.

While your baby has now no issue, you must be careful with the above ways. It helps the little ones to avoid infection. However, while your baby’s ear is already infected, you can buy Eardoc. This small and simple device gives your baby an instant relief from intense pain. It is the best home remedy to get rid of ear infection. The device works for the adult persons also and there is no intricacy in using it. But, you can still speak to a doctor to know whether there is anything serious. Visit EarDoc for more information


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