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Friday, November 3, 2017

Salt lamps and their supposed health benefits are a controversial topic. Many metaphysical people will insist in the air purification and soothing abilities of these lamps. Scientists however have not given conclusive thoughts nor have they done extensive experiments on the subject. Whether you are looking to prove if the metaphysical party is correct or not, giving salt lamps the benefit of the doubt might do wonders. At the very least you may experiment the placebo effect.

Hazards of electromagnetic radiation

Electronics like your television, computer, cellphone, tablets, etc. give off electromagnetic radiation that reduces your melatonin levels. What is melatonin good for? Melatonin is very important since it plays a crucial part in the sleep cycle of all people. Having low levels of melatonin can affect your immune system and mental state.

Discharge of negative ions

When a salt lamp is heated up, they emit a negative electrical charge (negative ions) that help neutralize electromagnetic radiations from your devices. Putting a salt lamp in spaces that involve extensive use of electronic devices will help stop the reduction of melatonin in your system. Raising levels of melatonin (or at least not having it diminished) will give you a more restful sleep. Quality sleep allows for better mornings and better mental stability. Rooms like offices, studies, and other living spaces can be enriched by this simple addition. As a plus, they are beautiful to look at with a color range of salmon to orange.

Salt lamps are hydroscopic

Hydroscopic means that the lamps will attract water vapor from the surrounding air. When it does this, the “bad stuff” in the water vapor will also be pulled from the air. The bad stuff includes pollutants, mold, bacteria, allergens, etc. Enjoy clearer, crisper air without having to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest waterfall, river, mountain range, or forest! Anyone can agree that nature dense areas have superb air quality; it is something felt, or you could say smelled.

Even a tiny improvement in air quality will do miracles for people who suffer with asthma or allergies. It is a similar theory to the sea salt one. When people are near the beach (and consequently near sea salt) their nasal passageways open up and allow for easier breathing.

Benefit of the doubt

Salt lamps may not be scientifically proven to offer all the above mentioned benefits but it won’t cause negative side effects. Why not try something out that can be beneficial to your health and your family’s health? It is a simple tool that can potentially heighten the quality of your life. They might not be as good as a high-end purification system but they won’t cost as much either. Any small benefit that can be added to your daily lifestyle should always be considered a healthy and wise choice.

Salt lamps are gorgeous, one hundred percent natural, and unique. Even if you do not believe in the benefits, you can enhance a room’s visual appearance easily. The lamps are hollow, allowing for a lightbulb or a candle to be placed and produce the glow. This glow is not intense which makes sleeping easy if you desire to place it in the bedroom. It is similar to a night light and will also be great for the kid’s room. 
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