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Sunday, December 31, 2017

How does Laser Hair Removal Works?

To remove unwanted hair, people now prefer the Laser Hair Removal. The treatment is performed with the help of the advanced laser machines. The use of such machines is FDA approved because they are manufactured after intensive research. The latest laser machines are safer than ever, and the cost has reduced to a significant level. Some people complain that they started growing more hair when they tried Laser Treatment for Hair Removal. In this post, let’s discuss why it is so and how we can avoid it.

Important Information:

The laser treatment can deliver permanent hair reduction.
It is safe, non-invasive, non-surgical, and effective treatment.
Unprofessional people using substandard lasers may harm the skin.

It Matters Where You Take it!

It matters where you take the laser treatments. As mentioned above, the laser devices we use must be latest and effective. Outdated or substandard equipment is not that effective. Moreover, low-quality machines often cause more side effects than the latest ones. We should also avoid untrained and inexperienced laser treatment professionals.

The Laser Treatment for Hair Removal seems very simple to perform, yet there are important things to know before performing it. If it is not performed properly, a significant hormonal change can take place which can trigger the growth of unwanted hair. In conclusion, we should go to a reliable clinic for the hair removal using a laser.

Where Should I Go for Laser Hair Removal?

It is important to mention that there are some minor side effects of Laser Treatment for Hair Removal even if the machine is latest. The mild skin damage takes place due to the following reason. The skin is exposed to the high-intensity laser light during a typical Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. The laser light targets the hair follicles and heat is produced during the process.

This heat is required to make the follicle unable to grow hair. That is why the patient feels uncomfortable, and the skin turns red. Some people complain of pain, tingling feeling, discomfort, and burning sensation. It is normal if a person experiences such post-treatment conditions. These minor side effects subside in a day or two. It is the job of the professional performing the procedure to avoid all possible side effects.

Important Tips:

Check customer reviews before finalizing a laser clinic.
Know your skin type and what laser would be suitable for it.
Ask all relevant questions in the initial consultation with professional.

Checklist to Short List the Right Clinic

In the end, we can say that the Laser Hair Removal is not as simple as it looks like. It is a good option to achieve permanent hair reduction in any part of the body. All skin tones can have it at any part of the body. The laser light often leaves some fine, thin, and light-colored hairs. We can get rid of such hairs by using the laser hair bleaching treatment.

It would not make you hairier if the treatment is performed by an experienced & qualified professional with the help of quality equipment. If you are committed to finding the Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, here is a checklist that will help you reach the safe hands for this procedure. Look for the following when finding a laser clinic;

Clinic Checklist:
  • Skincare Experts
  • Advanced Laser Machines
  • Past Experience with Your Skin Type
  • Reasonable Cost per Treatment Session


  1. The skin will be slightly reddened and there will be some mild swelling around the hair follicles. Patients rarely experience excessive hair growth in the area being treated. As follicles in the growing cycle begin to shed, patients may notice more hair one to three weeks after laser hair removal sessions.