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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Imagini pentru breast health

Many women would like to know the answers to various questions about breast health, such as: Why are breasts swollen at certain times, what are the pros and cons of breast enlargement, how can they become stronger after exercise, what does it mean nipple leakage when a woman is not pregnant, etc. breast health today is something that has to be on the top of the mind of each woman. This should not be neglected, as it can lead to serious illnesses, undesirable complications and a lack of trust in the woman in her. To avoid these inconveniences, you can follow some tips to help keep your breasts healthy and beautiful.

According to doctors, breast cancer can affect any woman, young or old, but especially those with a family history of this disease. Here's how you can diagnose breast disease early on. According to World Health Organization (WHO) representatives, every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. That is why, up to 35 years, non-invasive investigations (ultrasound, thermography and son elastography) are recommended, and mammography is indicated after this age because it can identify even the smallest suspected formations. Self-examination gives the first clues From the onset of lifetime, each woman should examine her breasts by touching once a month, preferably in the first few days after menstruation (during menstruation, hormonal changes that cause changes in the breasts, such as small nodules, which disappear after a few days). You can learn more about breast cancer awareness from

For better adhesion, a body lotion can be used or the examination can be done during the shower. For women under 35, breast screening is done using ultrasound, which may be supplemented by mammography, if there is suspicion that it may occur. Breast ultrasound is a non-invasive method that can differentiate between cystic structures (from 1-2 mm) and solid lesions (5 mm in diameter) and is therefore recommended once a year. The method has no contraindications and does not require special training. Mammography shows cancer After 35 years, the recommended screening method is mammography because the density of breast tissue decreases with aging, namely fibro-lymphatic tissue is replaced by fat.

Watch your diet

A high protein diet is recommended, which helps both increase immunity and increase muscle firmness. The diet should not lack foods rich in vitamin E, C and selenium. Limiting coffee and alcohol consumption and quitting smoking is recommended. To avoid the consumption of animal fats, usually chicken, beef and fish are recommended.

 Choose the right bra

Choosing quality bras that maintain the breasts position without putting pressure on them. Women who have large breasts have to use braces of support from teens so that they do not allow breasts to leave. The fabric from which the bra is made must have a soft cotton (cotton), and the whales inserted on the side band of the bowl should be well attached to avoid injury to the breast.  If you are passionate about sports do not forget to wear a proper bra. The bras specially made to practice sport are made of a sweat-absorbing material, usually fabrics being natural.

Take a cold shower
Showers are recommended with cold water, with circular movements around the breasts. Cold water strengthens the conjugate tissue, supporting breast tissue, stimulates irrigation of this area, and feeds cells with the necessary nutrients. Immediately after the shower, it moisturizes the skin with a body lotion or an oil based on herbal extracts. Find out more here.


Gentle massage by circular movements is recommended with a moisturizing cream.To avoid compression of breasts during the night, sleeping on the belly is not recommended.

Imagini pentru breast health

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation helps to stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal. Gamage is not done at the level of the areola zone. The products chosen for gouging must be with the finest abrasive particles.Sunless exposure to sun is not recommended. For even greater protection against sunlight, it is advisable to use a high protection factor cream.It is ideal to practice less violent sports. A sport like swimming, helps tone the bust muscles.Do not forget to breastfeed and check your breasts regularly.

For many women, breast health includes concerns about congested breasts, breasts or nipple secretions. To maintain breast health, self-examination should be performed regularly. Over time, you will discover how breast tenderness and texture vary depending on the different moments of the menstrual cycle. Also, emphasis should be placed on the importance of screening and diagnostic tests, such as clinical examination, ultrasounds or mammography. If you notice an abnormality in your breasts, it is advisable not to take any treatment before contacting your gynecologist for a diagnosis of certainty. Learn more about it in this link. At the same time, attention to the lifestyle, as it can influence the health of the breasts!


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