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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Menopause means turmoil of the body and the mind- frequent mood swings, hot flashes and weaker bones makes the whole process more cumbersome. Add to that long term health problems in women like bone loss and higher cholesterol, the menopause period is difficult to handle, both physically and mentally. In such a state, women should make sure they eat well and properly to ensure a good menopause and reduce the symptoms and effects that comes with it. A good menopause diet is also necessary to help prevent any illness, tiredness and weaker bone situation that may occur during the phase. One can use Revitol anti ageing cream to check on the skin ageing and sagging. Some of the good foods which help in gifting the woman a good menopause phase include the following:

Water: This is a crucial element required by the body during this time. Vaginal dryness and drier skin can cause lot of irritation and an offset body situation. The levels of estrogen go low during menopause which causes these situations for the women. As such, a daily intake of eight to ten glasses of water a day helps in preserving the moisture in the body. It also prevents the bloating that occurs during this time.

Calcium: Taking calcium rich foods helps in preventing bone loss or weaker bone situation. Lower estrogen levels makes the bones weak making them prone to breaking. Thereby, a good 1200 miligrams of calcium is necessary per day for a woman to combat the menopause situation.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D also plays an important role in protecting the bones. Though sun is a good source of Vitamin D, women should also intake vitamin D supplements to ensure getting the full requirement.

Whole Grains: Oatmeal, barley and brown rice are whole grains which provide vitamins and essential strength to the body during menopause.  They also help in combating stress and ensure a smooth digestive system during this phase.

Fruits and Vegetables:  To ensure the stamina and metabolism is fit even during menopause, a woman should regularly take fruits and vegetables. Often one can see women gaining a lot of weight during this period due to lack of metabolism. As such, fruits and veggies ensure the body doesn’t add up excess weight and keep it healthy always.

Iron: Menopause means a decrease in the iron levels.  Eating lean beef meat, cereals and grains would increase the iron quotient of the woman and ensure a good body balance. As iron supplements may cause iron overload, women are advised to take iron rich foods for a good balance.

Soy: Certain types of soy and soy compounds are helpful as a relief for hot flashes. It is said that soy provides estrogens which reduces the menopausal symptoms in women. However a minimal intake of soy is recommended.

Flaxseed: This plant based food is rich with omega-3 fatty acids. This can be taken with cereals, yogurts or any salad foods. The flaxseed provides fibre to a woman’s diet and keeps the arteries and blood vessels healthy and running in good condition.

Low calorie foods: A low calorie diet is what recommended during menopause. Often due to a lack of metabolism it is generally seen that women gain lot of weight. As such, a low calorie diet is most important to keep a check on the weight and ensure a healthy menopause.

Protein bound Iodine: This acts as a ovarian and thyroid support backdrop for women during menopause. Iodine as an essential mineral is healthy for the body. One can take protein bound iodine found in forms of cod, tuna, cranberries, healthy green beans and dried prunes.

A woman should ensure a healthy and a good diet to transit through a better menopause equipped with fewer symptoms of tiredness and mood swings. The above foods combined with Revitol anti ageing cream would help a lot for a mind body balance during this turmoil period of a woman’s life. 


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