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Monday, November 11, 2013

In the first place of the healthiest foods list is the tomato because of its high content of the special active antioxidant lycopene,and also vitamin C. 

Numerous studies in recent years show that tomato provides a healthy cardiovascular system. Lycopene and vitamin C prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol ( LDL) and prevent its deposition on the walls of the blood vessels and the formation of dangerous plaque. Thanks to these ingredients tomatoes also prevents the occurrence of some cancers, especially lung cancer, pancreas cancer, and cervix.

In the second place is Ovsená porridge.It contains a large amount of vitamin E,as well as protein and dietary fiber,essential for the normal body functions.

In the third place of the list is kiwi.It contains vitamins A,C and E,the most active vitamins in enhancing immunity.Seeds of the fruit contain omega -3 fatty acids,important for the health of the heart and blood vessels.

In the fourth place are the black grapes,which contain antioxidants, flavonoids,and have the ability to prevent cancer and heart disease and blood vessels diseases.Resveratrol,an ingredient of red grapes and wines obtained from it,ensures longevity.

In the fifth place are the oranges.They contain a large amount of vitamin C and pectin,which decrease the value of bad cholesterol in the blood.

In the sixth place is broccoli with a high concentration of antioxidants.

In the seventh place is avocado with its beneficial fatty acids,which normalize blood sugar levels.

In the eight place is watercress,which rich in iodine,iron and vitamins A and C.

In the ninth place is garlic because it contains allicin - the normalizer of the blood pressure.It should be used in all that you meals that you eat,especially those with hypertension.

In the tenth place is olive oil,which is rich in antioxidants.