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Saturday, November 9, 2013

To reduce their appetite some people use different methods,like the suspicious pills and surgery. However, we only to look at the contents of the fridge and add foods that decrease appetite,reports The Daily Mail.

Pay attention to the apples. After the consumption of this fruit starts the production of the hormone GLP - 1,which sends a signal to the brain that is fed. If you eat an mid-sized apple 15 minutes before a meal, you consume less food after.

A similar effect have the peppers.Just eat half a tea spoons of sour red pepper during meals to reduce appetite.The secret is capsaicin, which makes the peppers hot.It reduces the feeling of hunger, provides energy and improves mood.The same effects have the fresh cayenne peppers and other spicy foods.

Algae is a universal food that gives good figure.Dutch experts have found : if the algae is used in the drink the appetite may be reduced by 30%.Algae give you the opportunity to not feel hungry for a long time.Once they are in the stomach they get the consistency of a gel,slows gastric emptying,and simulates the effect of solid food.

Experts have talked about the positive effects of green tea for a long time.It contains catechins - substances that stimulate the body to burn more calories.If you drink 3-6 cups of green tea a day can you increase energy consumption by 40%.In addition,the tea contains more antioxidants that act on the hormone leptin which is responsible for the appetite.

The protein found in eggs has a high value.It helps to control the appetite. Omelet of two eggs for breakfast helps you during the day to absorb fewer calories.The lemon contains pectin - a natural substance for gelling. It absorbs fat and slows down digestion,so you feel less hungry, and you eat less.

U.S. experts are convinced : the citric acid and pectin slow down the absorption of sugar after consuming food.Vitamin C also helps produce carnitine,which increases fat burning.Water also naturally reduces appetite.To achieve this effect drink two glasses of water before meals.

Israeli scientists advise to pay attention to the garlic,because of its ingredient,allicin.It gives the white garlic its characteristic odor.For a child it is important because by exhilarating the " appetite center " of the brain,it reduces the feeling of hunger.It also leads to the release of adrenaline,which activates the burning of calories.

In the opinion of Scandinavian experts the cinnamon spice reduces the secretion of insulin.It is well known that insulin turns excess sugar into fat.It is particularly useful to use the cinnamon immediately after eating.

For a good line is needed a good sleep.Go to bed early.People who sleep less than eight hours have lower levels of the hormone leptin and more fat in the body.


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