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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The antioxidant glutathione is a powerful anticancer substance, which provides protection against heart disease also, asthma and cataracts, giving the possibility of disease prevention with food.


Among the antioxidants glutathione occupies an important place,which is believed to neutralize at least thirty cancer-causing substances. He acts by blocking free radicals that damage cell DNA,leading to mutations,which create the possibility of its transformation into a tumor.

Another important effect of glutathione is preventing peroxidation of fats,which damage the cell membrane.This is facilitated by deposition of fat in the blood vessel walls.By preventing this process it reduces the risk of heart disease,including the most fatal angina, myocardial and harmony.

Cataract is clouding of the eye lens,which can lead to blindness. This disease,which often progresses with age,partly occurs as a result of oxidation of intraocular lenses under the influence of sunlight.Glutathione reduces this oxidation.Indeed the level of antioxidants is decreased in patients with cataract.


Asthma is more common allergic disease. An allergy is a form of inflammatory reaction, which may be reduced by the glutathione substance.

Glutathione acts against toxic environmental pollutants,by providing detoxification in the body.In the experiments in vitro(experiments outside of the human body ),glutathione stops AIDS virus.

The main sources of glutathione are avocado,asparagus and watermelon.They contain most of this high valued
antioxidant. Glutathione is found in large quantities in fresh grapefruit, orange,strawberries, fresh pears,white potato,pumpkin,cauliflower, broccoli and raw tomatoes.

Important: High concentration of glutathione can be found only in fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.Canned and cooked foods contain eight times less glutathione compared to fresh and frozen. Cooking significantly reduces the amount of antioxidants.Fresh orange is full with
glutathione antioxidants,but it does not apply to fresh orange juice.


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