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Monday, November 18, 2013

Garlic is a folk remedy,with many properties which have received scientific confirmation.After its use an unpleasant smell remains, which can be removed with an effective way.


U.S. scientists claim to have found a way to remove the smell of garlic.For those who want to diminish its smell it is advised to drink a glass of milk.Several experiments have shown that raw and boiled garlic with milk products releases less sulfur compounds that give it its distinctive smell and taste.

The key sulfur compounds that give to white garlic its curative properties and characteristic smell,allyl methyl sulfide,are not broken down during digestion.This compound is excreted from the body through saliva and sweat.Therefore,the smell can not be removed by washing the teeth.

Garlic contains many vitamins and minerals,so it is very useful, but the smell lingers longer hours, even days after use. The study authors said to Journal Food Science that refreshing breath is achieved with the effect of water and fat in the mucous membrane of the mouth. The best way is to use milk together with the garlic.

At the experiment made with volunteers was concluded that the more fatty the milk is the stronger is its effect.In neutralizing the smell of garlic other foods can be helpful too such as mushrooms, basil,parsley,mint and cinnamon.Chewing gum can help also.


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