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Thursday, November 14, 2013

In the treatment of ulcerative colitis nutrition has an important place. It can relieve symptoms, reduce periods of disease exacerbation and reduce the need for drugs. Proper nutrition prevents irritation of mucous membrane of the colon and the deficit of nutrients.


Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammation of the colon, of unknown cause, which is characterized by spasmodic pain in the stomach, frequent slimy - bloody stools and fever in severe cases.

Food preparation methods

The way of preparing food in this chronic disease is specific,and for many is a difficult job. The implementation of the diet is the hardest part because of our habits.

Food should be of all kinds,tastefully prepared and nicely served. Other members of the household can eat that food too,because it is prepared according to the principles of healthy food.Meals are prepared by cooking,braising with the addition of small amounts of oil and roast on the grill.Usually it is prepared by the rule " to put all at once." In a saucepan put all ingredients,a small amount of oil,water and cook on medium heat until the desired density.

While healthy people may sometimes consume food prepared in an unhealthy way,people suffering from ulcerative colitis,can not afford that.It is forbidden to prepare food by frying,braising and breading with to much oil.Also are not allowed foods with roux and topped with heated grease and oils.

Conducting a diet is easier if the patient is clearly aware that proper nutrition is an integral part of the treatment.It is necessary to carry food to work,because the patient needs to eat many times a day.Daily should have five meals.The meal should not be overflowing and consumed quickly.

Permitted food

The patient should be aware of what kind of food is permitted to eat.We might think that there is nothing to eat,although the list of allowed foods is not small.You can eat all kinds of lean soup and stew of lean meat(chicken,beef,veal),soup,vegetables and meat.Cream soup gets its density by pureeing vegetables.To the soup can be added rice or semolina.Rice and corn pasta can sometimes be on the menu.Bread should be from yesterday or to be fried.Beef,veal and chicken can be cooked,fried or just with vegetables.Vegetables can be eaten in the form of puree of one or more kinds of vegetables. Eggs are eaten as soft- boiled,and from the dairy products yogurt is allowed,especially probiotic,sour cream and cheese.Fruits should be eaten as a compote.Do not eat the rind of the fruit.You can squeeze the juice from the fruit.Fruit juices should not be too sweet.Homemade juice should be prefered.Occasionally a fresh banana can be eaten.Stewed pumpkin is a great treat.Sometimes can be eaten walnuts,almonds and nuts but chewed well.


In the diet olive oil and oily saltwater fish have a special place : tuna,mackerel,sardines and salmon.There are studies showing that they reduce the inflammation in ulcerative colitis,relieving pain and reduce periods of exacerbation.Olive oil should be used every day by two to three tablespoons.Sea fish should be eaten three times a week.Prepared as cooked or baked in foil,without the addition of sunflower oil,which would override the positive effect of the useful fat of the fish.If you need to add oil,use a little olive oil.

Forbidden foods

Foods like pork and sheep,meat products,canned meat,smoked and dried are not allowed.Any meat is not allowed if it is prepared by frying, breading or roasting and braising in plenty of oil.Fish is not allowed if canned,fried,breaded and fried with lot of oil.River fatty fish like catfish and carp fattened are not preferable.Such meat and fish are not recommended even to healthy people who want to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Patients with this disease should not use fatty soups,stews with cabbage and cauliflower,industrial soup and soup cubes.You need to avoid sweet milk,milk cream,cheese and full fat cheeses.Vegetables should not be eaten as raw,and avoid the cooked cabbage,fresh and tart,stew peas and lenses,leeks,cake,peppers.Vegetables that can be baked and peel off,as paprika,can be used.Raw vegetables and unpeeled worsen the problems.

Lard,tallow and melted oils should not be used because they stimulate inflammation.Avoid the crumb,fresh and doughy bread,puff pastry and other types of fat and fresh pastries.It can be eaten unsweetened biscuit.Of sweets should avoid cakes,cocoa and chocolate.Spices : black pepper,cayenne pepper,cinnamon and mustard irritate the colon and should not be used.Alcohol,coffee and strong tea(Indian,ruki,the Chinese) are not allowed.Replace them with unsweetened mild herbal tea.

By avoiding these foods,especially if are not prepared adequately will be reduced the irritation of the colon and will facilitate digestion.In the period of deterioration,when the patient has frequent bloody - mucous stools may lack certain nutrients, especially iron.Compensation is achieved with drugs and supplements.


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