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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is a very radical and hard diet that will help to get rid of 4 pounds in just two days. 
During the two days of the diet you will not eat anything.The goal of the diet is to get rid of the excess fluid in the body that is retained from the intake of salty foods.


In the morning squeeze 15 lemons and mix the obtained juice with 3 liters of plain water and add 50 g honey.If your lemonade is sour you can add a larger amount of honey.

The lemonade should be drinked all day and it replaces all the meals during the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.The next day prepare the same recipe again and drink it all day.

This drink is undoubtedly good for health because honey and lemon are great cleaners of the body.The lemonade of honey and lemon can be used as a tonic for the facial skin,but people with sensitive skin should be careful because it can be allergic.

During the diet a massage is recommended,because the large amount of citric acid along with massage can reduce cellulite.

It is recommended to keep the diet when you are at home during the weekend or holidays,because you will feel exhausted.Besides the lemonade you can drink green tea or water.

Because it is a extremely hard diet,it should not be used more often than once a month.


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