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Friday, December 20, 2013

We should drink fluids as often as possible,because they keep our health and they clean our body,and the consumption of a particular fluid at a certain time of day has a great impact on our body.


Everyday our body throws out about 3 liters of fluidso it is necessary to regularly compensate the level of liquid in the body. Here are some of them which are recommended to drink at certain times of the day.

Milk for breakfast

If you drink a glass of milk for breakfast,you will eat less for dinner,was confirmed by a recent research.Australian scientists claim that this is related to the fact that the milk reduces the appetite and facilitates its control.

Water every hour

All types of fluid contribute at reaching the daily optimum of about 8 cups,but water is always the best choice.

Green tea in the afternoon

A research shows that the green tea contains a sufficient amount of caffeine that can hold our energy at a satisfactory level.The green tea also contains catechin,a compound that protects against heart disease.

Pineapple juice before dinner

This fruit is rich in bromelin,an enzyme that has been shown to accelerate the process of processing and the digestion in the body.It is better to make fresh pineapple juice, because it contains only natural sugar.


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