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Monday, December 23, 2013

We all know the feeling of tiredness and irritability after a sleepless night.But a sleepless night affects us in many other ways too,and it is scientifically proven.


We are depressed
In a research made in 2008 was found that those who sleep less than six hours,the next day they feel more depressed and among them is observed and a higher level of stress.

Eating more and unhealthy food

What happens when instead of eight hours sleep,we sleep only half of it?The next day we eat 560 calories more,and generally unhealthy and fatty foods.


We look bad and sad

Two separate studies were made at the University of Stockholm comparing photographs of people who were awake more than 30 hours,with photos of those who slept the night eight hours. Observers confirmed that those who didn't sleep at night were less attractive,and they looked very sad,like people who have problems.

We feel " excluded "

Lack of sleep gives us the feeling that we are not a desirable company to others because we feel stupid.


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