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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The health of a woman depends a lot on the health of her mother.
Some things are genetically predisposed,and by watching their mothers health condition,they can eliminate some of the potential health problems.


Like mother,like daughter

Many diseases are hereditary and therefore it is needed to be aware that you can act in time to avoid any potential health problems,just as Angelina Jolie did mastectomy bras,to prevent what happened to her mother,who died from breast cancer.

Here's a list of what usually is inherited from the mother :

The time of entry into menopause

Genetics is fairly certain measure of menopause,and one study showed that 85 % of cases is determined by genetics.Most woman enter the perimenopause between the age of 39 and 51 years,and from then it takes about five years before the menstruation is completely lost,which is the official start of menopause.There is one rule that you will lose menstruation at the same age as your mother,however,certain factors like smoking and living at high altitude can precipitate menopause.

Increased risk of breast cancer

Doctors reasonably ask if you have anyone in the family who had breast cancer.Approximately 10 % of  the cases of breast cancer are hereditary,and if the mother has it,the risk doubles.However ,70 % of women with breast cancer have no close relatives with the disease.Keep in mind that many things increase the risk of breast cancer,like the place we live and our lifestyle,exposure to chemicals,cigarette and alcohol consumption.



If your mother is diagnosed with osteoporosis and if she is prone to bone breaking or she has thin bones,then you need to pay attention to your bones.The bone structure largely is determined by hereditary factors.In a study made in the US,the bone structure of three generations of women from the same family was measured,and was found a significant correlations between the height,length and the bone density.Practice,take care of your weight,enter enough calcium,magnesium and vitamin " B3 " to keep your bones health.

Joint pain

Rheumatic arthritis is an autoimmune disease and has a strong genetic component.If your mother or someone from the first generation in your family has the disease,the risk that you will get the disease is increased by 50 %.Osteoarthritis,the most common form of arthritis,also remains in the family,although even those who have no one in the family with this disease can suffer from the same disease.Trauma and frequent exposure to stress at work or other activities,is the most common reason for the development of arthritis,regardless of genetics.Smoking,excessive consumption of red meat,caffeine,makes you vulnerable to osteoarthritis,while regular exercise and stretching can help in the prevention.


If your mother had a problem with migraine,chances the high that you will inherit it.The reasons for migraine are very different for each person,some people can get it from eating chocolate or cheese,or exposure to strong light,strong perfume,so the reasons are not always genetically.


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