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Friday, January 24, 2014

The main ingredient of this diet is yogurt,which has a very positive influence on metabolism. With this diet you can lose 12 to 13 pounds in 10 days.

However,because it is a strict diet,you should not keep it more than 14 days. The yogurt is a very useful because it normalizes the activity of the digestive organs, improves immunity, helps in removing toxins from the body and stimulates the metabolism.

For this diet you will need :

● Yogurt - 500 ;
● Fruits - 300 g. daily ( except grapes,cantaloupe and watermelon, because of the large amounts of sugars they contain;
● Meat - 100 g per day(fish,chicken and turkey - without skin and fat);
● Vegetables - 300 g per day.

The amount of yogurt that you will use in certain recipes depends on your taste and desire.It is important to eat 500 g .yogurt a day, and how you will use the yogurt in your meals it is your choice.


Sample diet menu :

● Breakfast : Yogurt jelly with raspberries,a cup of green tea and a cup of pure orange juice.

● Lunch: A cup of hot herbal tea,a cold soup made ​​from yogurt and cucumber cut into thin pieces,100 grams of cooked meat,salad of cucumber,tomato and spicy herbs,yogurt and optional hot cup of unsweetened lemonade.

● Afternoon snack : Tomato with yogurt.Add a little mustard and salt in a blender and mix it with the yogurt.

● Dinner : A cup of hot herbal tea,steamed green beans with yogurt, a cup of hot lemonade without sugar.


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