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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fatty foods, soft drinks and sweets, are certainly not very good for your skin. Although they look very tempting at the shelves, try to use only basic products.


Prerequisites for a beautiful skin are good genes, but more important is the care and the attention you devote to your skin care.

Many women with a skin and acne problem,often complain about their face,but they constantly squeeze the pimpels,they feed poorly and treat their skin with wrong products.If you want to get rid of your skin problems,try to follow these five tips for a beautiful and a clean skin:

Do not squeeze the pimples

By squeezing the pimples you prolong their duration,which means that you cause new problems.In addition,squeezing can cause the appearance of permanent scars in your face.

Be careful with the food


Fatty foods, soft drinks and sweets filled with sugar are the real enemies of the whole body,even the face.If you want a clean skin you should drink plenty of water and unsweetened tea,and eat vegetables rich in antioxidants.

Use basic products

We know that the products at the shelves look really tempting,but if you have problems with your skin stick to basics.A good
facial cleansing gel,product for removing makeup from the eyes,mild peeling and moisturizing cream,is more than enough.

Watch the hygiene of your cosmetics

Do not your apply makeup with dirty fingers or applicators,or makeups that are shared with anyone.

Clean your cell phone and glasses
The dirty screen of the mobile phone is a common cause of acne.So clean it regularly,just like your glasses.And never touch your face with dirty hands.


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