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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Although the variation in weight among women is normal,sometimes the weight it is not the cause of a fat stomach.The cause of it might be the food you eat. Here are the five main causes of bloating, which make you look few pounds heavier.


We all know that milk in excessive amounts is not good for health. But if the milk is causing you problems with digestion and bloating, maybe the problem is that your body does not tolerate lactose.


If foods rich in starch cause bloating,you do not have to remove all of them from your diet,but choose those who have no such effect.

Wheat and barley contain large amounts of fructose,polymers of fructose that cause bloating.Therefore include on your table potatoes, rice,corn and oats,which contain significant smaller amounts of fructose.



Although the fruits are packed with healthy ingredients like vitamins and minerals,they can also be a cause of bloating.The reason lies in the amounts of fructose and glucose.

Therefore it is better to choose berries,grapefruit and citrus,because they contain significantly less amounts of fructose and glucose unlike the apples and pears.

Artificial sweeteners

Sorbitol,mannitol and xylitol are sugar substitutes,which are found in dietary products and chewing gums.If you experience bloating after eating dietary foods and drinks,avoid such products.


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