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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Feng Shui has a very powerful impact on our subconscious,and it is an important factor in losing weight. Instead of counting calories and measuring weight, you can get healthier with a careful choice of the shape, material and the color of the plates and cutlery.

First rule is that if you want to eat less - serve in small plates or plates for dessert.

Rectangular plates
If you want to lose weight,serve your meal in rectangular plates instead of the round plates. This is because the angular plates achieve moderation,according to feng shui.

Pastel colors

Earth tones will give you pleasure,while bright and strong colors will give you more appetite.If you really want to stick to the diet plan paint the kitchen and dining room in creamy or light brown color.

Even numbers

Set an even number of chairs.If you have an odd number of members in the family,put an extra chair for maintaining balance.


Mirror on the wall
Mirrors help you stay focused.So you become aware of what you eat, and the amount of food that you consume.

A tidy home

Start with the kitchen,clean the refrigerator,throw anything that has expired date,and what you rarely use.If you have a clean house,you will lose weight easier.


The more different is your meal plate,the more different nutritional ingredients you will receive. Follow the rule that
1/ 3 of the food should be meat,other vegetables or fruits 1/ 3,and 1/ 3 carbohydrates.


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