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Friday, January 17, 2014

Usually when we feel a pain or we are sad we bend ourselves in the fetal position.Here's the reason why we do that. The reason is a  combination of physiological and mental factors.


Dr. Bob Adams says that fetal position eases the pain because of the natural defensive posture.

"When you hear bad news,or when we feel pain - we crunch.This probably dates from the period when we were in the womb," claims Dr. Adams.

It is very difficult to determine exactly what is going on without knowing precisely what kind of pain it is,but there are a few most common scenarios.

Let's say someone gets sick from a stomach virus or food poisoning. In both cases the work of intestines accelerates because the body wants to get rid of toxins.


The body is made ​​up of three types of muscles - soft,heart and skeletal.The gastrointestinal tract is a soft muscle,which regulates its own movements alone.

"We can directly control the movement of these soft muscles.We can slow down or speed up the contractions by doing physical movements,"says Dr Adams.

But we can also
help the skeletal muscles to relax by going into fetal position.

"We not move the skeletal muscles by doing so,so we do not disturb additional soft muscles and this leads to a relief," the doctor explains.

Fetal position also relieves abdominal pain caused by stretched skeletal muscles.The stretched muscle needs few days after the injury to heal,and the fetal position can help the injured muscles of the stomach to relax and to re- build.


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