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Monday, January 20, 2014

The jackets are long back into use and to they can hide your body so the weight you gained might not be noticeable.The nutritionist Majori Korn gives an advice how prevent weight gain,and enjoy the food and the rich meal at the same time.

Practice outside


We try to avoid to go out because of the cold,but outdoor sport in winter is a great physical activity.Choose tight boots,thick gloves ,scarf and hat and go outside.Running outside in fresh air has more benefits.If you have snow this winter,do not miss to spend more time outside.


The truth is that some foods help us lose weight,and reduce the chance of some serious diseases.At the top of the super nutrients list is kale,which should be included more in the diet.It can be used as a main meal for the holidays.And when it comes to dessert, let your first choice be the desserts with apples.

Make a plan

The large food choices during the holidays,can make you confused.If you go to the grandparents to lunch,and you know that there will be your favorite dessert,then eat breakfast for a start to speed up your metabolism.Then just before the meal make exercise.


During the meal,eat what you like,and eat your favorite dessert 20 minutes after the meal.When your brain will process the information  you will realize that you are not hungry and you will not eat much from the dessert.Also,avoid alcohol and calorie filled drinks.

Turn off the stress

The season of holidays,celebrations,numerous family gatherings,preparing gifts ... That is all very beautiful,but also very exhausting.Mentally and physically you have to be in top form. Stress increases the levels of cortisol,which causes obesity.So make a financial plan of what you buy,and how much money you spend.


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