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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In this post we will be listing the latest eating disorders which are most prevalent in America,but also in the world.

Drunkorexia - Drink instead of food


People with this disorder refuse food so they can get the calories through alcohol.They do this to not gain weight or to get drunk quickly.

Orthorexia - Obsession with healthy food

This is an obsession with
eating healthy food.They often eat only organic foods and eliminate entire groups of foods from their diet. People who suffer from orthorexia are not considered obese but are obsessed with their health care and appearance,so they try to avoid the problems with " healthy " diet.The result is often malnutrition and disease because the body does not receive all the necessary nutrients.

Pregorexia - Extreme dieting by pregnant women


Women who keep extreme diets and exercise during pregnancy because they don't want to gain weight,suffer from pregorexia,which causes anemia, depression and hypertension.It can also lead to miscarriage or the child to be born with some disorder.


It is a compulsive overeating which we think that helps us to deal with negative emotions and stress.Such people eat large amounts of food quickly,and they do not feel uncomfortable.

Anorexia Athletica

Anorexia Athletica is most commonly found in pre-professional and elite athletes.The term Anorexia Athletica is commonly used in mental health literature to denote a disorder characterized by excessive,obsessive exercise.


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