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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If you've ever wondered how it is possible that some people never get sick,or what habits they practice - here are the answers.

Be active at work


"Sitting the whole time can be very harmful to your health,even if you exercise regularly when afterwards " - claims Jen Stone,the author of the book " The secrets of people who never get sick ."If you sit all day on the computer,make a short break at least every 45 minutes and take a walk.

Cold shower

Cold shower improves blood circulation,strengthens skin immunity, improves mood and refreshes your body.Shower with cold water increases the level of glutathione - a natural body antioxidant.

Nourish the friendships
People who have strong social ties possess" the strongest immune systems and are less likely to suffer from an inflammatory process." If you have just a few or no friends,then you are in a risk group that has 50 % more chances to experience a heart attack.On a weekly basis try to have a conversation with at least two people which you don't know,but do that in real life,not in internet.

Do not avoid garlic

Garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels,fights infection and acts as a strong antioxidant.People who regularly consume garlic have twice less likely chances to get sick.

Rest in the afternoon 

The immune system is strengthened when we sleep,while the lack of sleep is associated with difficulties in coping with the disease. Try to rest in the afternoon,and it would be ideal to do that from 13:00 to 15:00,when the body needs the most rest.


Allow yourself a glass of alcohol
Moderate alcohol consumption increases longevity and reduces the risk of heart disease by 20 to 50 %.It has been proven that people who drink rarely need medical help more often.

Drink yogurt

Probiotics,or good bacteria that live in our body have a beneficial impact on many gastrointestinal conditions - also lower blood pressure and cholesterol,or strengthen immunity.Drink at least one cup of yogurt a day to improve your health.

Practice yoga

Yoga or any other exercise that relates to the regulation of respiration and purifying the mind,strengthens the immune system, and lowers high blood pressure,and the high levels of blood sugar.

Reduce your intake of calories

Low intake of calories have a positive impact on overall health.The diet in which the intake of calories is 25 % less,is credited with lowering cholesterol,triglyceride levels in the blood and blood pressure.But to avoid vitamin deficiencies,make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Avoid stressful situations

Too much stress causes insomnia,lack of energy,back pain,problems with digestion,depression,bloating,cramps,changes in appetite, drowsiness,irritability,allergies,skin irritations,diabetes and high blood pressure.Exercise at least three times a week,relax with aromatic candles and date more often with friends.


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