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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Although all kinds of vegetables contain nutrients,some of them are extremely nutritious and should be consumed in adequate amounts, especially when you're on a diet.


Different kinds of vegetables belong to different categories : some have too much water,and some have negative calories.Here are the vegetables that are best for you if you are on a diet :


Spinach and other green vegetables types contain huge amounts of vitamins " A" , " E " , " C" and " K" ,and other nutrients such as mango,copper,potassium,phosphorus,iron,calcium,folate and riboflavin.Their ability to retain water and high fiber are great for health.It is necessary to include spinach in your diet so may have beneficial effects when trying to lose weight.

Vegetables with negative calories
Groceries which are very low in calories and can be included in the daily diet in large quantities are lettuce,cabbage,celery,cucumber, radishes,mushrooms and cauliflower.

Vegetables that contain a lot of water


Water in vegetables is very important because it hydrates the body. The consumption of vegetables that contain a lot of water help the body to quickly burn the fat.Some of these miracle foods are tomatoes,eggplant,pumpkins,onion and cucumber.


Broccoli contains 40 % protein and 60 % carbohydrates,plus large amounts of vitamins,minerals and water.Complex carbohydrates in broccoli make you feel full,so you wont't feel hungry for a long time.Other nutrients found in broccoli,which are important for keeping the diet are : selenium,phosphorus,magnesium,iron,calcium, thiamin and pantothenic acid.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion,and other vegetables of this kind,such as leeks contain many sulfides.Not only they facilitate weight loss,but also can prevent stomach cancer and cancer of the digestive tract.

Other vegetables that can help you lose weight are brussels sprouts ,kale,lentils and sweet red pepper.Consume them in large quantities while you are on a diet to get rid of excess calories in a healthy and effective way.